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5 best business apps for work

Use these apps to get more done

With the advent of smartphones and tablets came many mobile applications designed to make everyday work tasks easier. But are you using them?

“There are tons of great business apps out there,” says Treg Gardner, an information systems specialist and area chair of the University of Phoenix IT program. “Part of my day job is to convince my colleagues to take advantage of them.”

Here, Gardner shares his favorites:

Keynote, Pages and Numbers

This app group for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices marries the sophistication of Apple® mobile technology with the traditional PC-based Microsoft Office® suite. Keynote offers a streamlined mobile version of the Microsoft PowerPoint® application, while Pages and Numbers do the same for Microsoft Word® and Excel® programs, respectively.

“These are the apps I use the most,” Gardner notes. “Once upon a time, there was no compatibility between PC-based Microsoft programs and Apple devices because of source code differences, but not anymore.” Now users can link their current Word, Excel and PowerPoint files seamlessly between their PCs and any Apple mobile device in real time.

“These apps are incredible for productivity,” says Gardner, who also uses them as a current doctoral student in the education program. “You can work literally anywhere with them.”


Those who work in marketing, software design or any other field that calls for frequent brainstorming sessions can use this mind-mapping app on their tablets to help structure their ideas on the go.

“I like its high-definition graphics, and it beats drawing on a whiteboard,” says Gardner, who uses iThoughtsHD both on the job and when writing his doctoral papers.

Mobile Project Manager

Also called MPM, this is the only app that is fully compatible with Microsoft Project® software on a PC.

“Project management apps [like MPM] enable you to integrate milestones, deadlines, project completion percentages and more right into your mobile device and calendar,” Gardner notes. “It’s a great way to stay keyed in to how your work is progressing each day.”

Available from Google™ Play, MPM is supported on multiple mobile devices.

Core-apps for conferences and seminars

Frequent business travelers know that keeping up with constantly changing conference schedules can be a headache. But thanks to Core-apps, a company that develops site-specific applications for conferences and seminars, you can now link seminar schedules with your personal calendar seamlessly in real time.

Core-apps offers free scheduling apps for more than 150 popular business conferences, including InfoComm and the Sweets & Snacks Expo. “My colleagues love these apps whenever they attend conferences,” Gardner says.

Cisco WebEx® Meetings

Do you have a virtual meeting scheduled through WebEx, but you’ll be away from your PC? Now you can participate via mobile device no matter where you are.

“I’ve used virtual meeting apps [like this one] and have been very happy with them, though they’re more useful if you’re a participant rather than leading the meeting yourself,” Gardner notes.”

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