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5 cool job perks

Best job perks

One of the first things most people typically want to know about a job is what it pays. But what about the fringe benefits?

“For some [prospective employees], the perks may outweigh or complement the salary component of a job offer,” according to Linda Ballard, a director of human resources and talent management, and an online instructor in the human resource certificate program for University of Phoenix.

Perks, Ballard notes, also are important to employers. “They relate to productivity, retention and branding,” she says. “Perks can be a real company differentiator in terms of attraction and retention of employees and customers.”

Check out these five cool perks a few companies are providing employees:

Cleaning and concierge services

Working full time can leave little time for cleaning. So Akraya, a staffing company, pays 100 percent of the cost to have its employees’ homes cleaned regularly. Household products company SC Johnson offers free employee concierge services that include everything from picking up dry cleaning to returning library books.

The convenience of these services can help increase productivity because employees take less time away from work and then can enjoy their free time more, explains Ballard, who holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.

Unlimited vacation time

Sometimes taking a vacation can be impractical, if not impossible, either for financial or scheduling reasons. To make things easier for its employees, marketing software company HubSpot offers unlimited vacation days and requires workers to take a minimum of two weeks off per year.

Since the company doesn’t keep track of vacation time, are employees more likely to abuse the perk? Not necessarily, Ballard says.

“Most employees do not abuse employer’s perks, but rather appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the personal or professional assistance,” she adds.

Travel stipend

Airbnb, an online marketplace for vacation rentals, knows a thing or two about the cost of vacations. So every year, the company offers employees a $2,000 stipend to travel anywhere.

In addition, Airbnb staffers may bring their dogs to work every day, dress up for formal Fridays and take weekly yoga classes in the office.

Spa services

Some employers encourage relaxation time at work. For example, Zynga, a gaming company, offers employees on-site massages, reflexology, acupuncture and haircuts. These services are performed in a “relaxation lounge” so employees can enjoy being pampered and then return to their workstations feeling energized.

Free iPad tablets

In today’s tech-powered world, gadgets like iPad® devices are practically a necessity. GetGlue, a social entertainment network, reimburses employees for iPad tablets that they can use professionally and personally. The network encourages workers to share everything they’re watching, listening to and reading with their friends via the devices.

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