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The Future

Think about the possibilities for your future career by learning about emerging fields and positions, as well as which industries are expected to see growth.


How to become a CPA

While accounting careers range from clerical positions to chief financial ...

Human services degree

What can you do with a human services degree?

If you’re passionate about helping others, earning a degree in human services ...

Police officer advancement

5 ways to advance your career as a police officer

You made it through the police academy and are working as a patrol officer. But ...

STEM fields

Why consider a career in a STEM field?

You may have heard the term “STEM” in the news and in conversations about job ...

Forensic accounting

How to break into forensic accounting

Forensics aren’t limited to the world of police and TV crime shows. From big ...

Women in science

Why more women should consider science degrees

Despite the wealth of job opportunities for people with science degrees, there ...

Nursing careers

In-demand jobs for nurses outside the hospital

Many professionals who earn a nursing degree expect to work in a clinical ...

Jobs for communication majors

7 jobs for communication majors

With the number of traditional media jobs shrinking, communication graduates ...

Transitional care nursing

Why consider transitional care nursing?

An aging population and the Affordable Care Act have increased demand for ...

Careers for human resources

5 surprising human resource jobs

There’s more to human resources (HR) than processing paperwork and reviewing ...

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