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Coffee talk: Introducing the CLO Breakfast Club

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In the 1985 classic "The Breakfast Club," five teens spend a Saturday in detention and discover they have more in common than their stereotypes suggest. The CLO Breakfast Club is, well, nothing like this.

CLO stands for chief learning officer, a term used to describe an organization's workforce-training leader. The CLO Breakfast Club is a series of events hosted by Chief Learning Officer magazine. University of Phoenix participates in the club, which brings together CLOs and other corporate-education pros to learn, network and have a bear claw or two. Upcoming events are in Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta.

The half-day panel discussions take place during the fall and spring in major cities across the United States. Led by industry experts, these discussions explore current topics, trends and learning strategies in corporate education. Topics might include the future of the workforce, competency mapping, training versus education, and return on investment for tuition assistance programs.

"The CLO Breakfast Series offers Workforce Solutions' education partners a unique opportunity to see University of Phoenix in a new light," says Bob Beeman, vice president of Workforce Solutions for University of Phoenix. "We want to be a business partner, and we want companies to understand we're there to support their workforce needs."

A select number of the University's education partners are invited to each event, giving the Workforce Solutions team opportunities to personally address each client's individual needs or concerns. "It's really about understanding their business and collaborating with them to achieve their educational goals and objectives for their company's future success," Beeman says. "That's really at the center of what we're about."

By bringing corporate education leaders together in one room, the CLO Breakfast Club provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to discover new ideas and gain functional knowledge they can use in their organizations. It's also an excellent way to network and establish industry connections.

Use of the words partner or partnership is not intended to create a legal partnership.

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