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Former Oracle talent director and alum successfully changed careers from technology management

Arthur Jue

Arthur Jue already had a successful career in technology management when he decided to enter the doctoral program in organizational leadership at University of Phoenix. That move helped spur a wholesale change in his professional life, leading him to a new career in talent development, first at Oracle and then at Tectura Corp.

“The doctoral program was perfect timing in my career,” Jue says, “and I ended up switching my career focus from technology management to leadership.”

Jue, who also has an MBA from the University, is director of human resources at Tectura, a technology services company in Pleasanton, California. There, he helped drive a corporate culture revamp, creating new training for career development, implementing a global leadership academy and initiating a talent analytics program to help organizations understand what drives performance among workers.

After receiving his doctorate, Jue decided to focus on the components that help create strong organizations.

“My own doctoral work was in spirit-centered leadership,” he says, “which was aligned to a lot of research on character and consciousness. Those elements play a major role in helping to create individual success.”

The doctoral program was perfect timing in my career.

Jue has written and contributed to five books, including “Leadership Moments: Turning Points That Changed Lives and Organizations.” He worked with several University of Phoenix faculty members on the book, and they invited him to travel to the tiny South Pacific island of Tonga in 2008 to teach.

As it turned out, some of Jue’s theories on leadership in the book helped play a role in the country’s transition from a monarchy to a democracy.

“I thought [the trip to Tonga] was going to be to teach leadership to secondary school students,” he says, laughing. “I was looking forward to the nice weather and water, and I got there, and there’s all this major upheaval. We ended up getting in the middle of this civil unrest.”

After centuries under a monarchy, Tongans had taken to the streets in protest, seeking a more democratic government. Much to Jue’s surprise, his book was being used by pro-democracy supporters to plan strategies to achieve their goals.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, they’re reading our book on national TV,’” Jue says. “But a few months later, the king had relinquished much of his power, and they held their first elections [in 2010]. I felt like I [played] a little part to help an entire nation.”

Jue also created a public access series aimed at helping others make career transitions. His next goal is ensuring that leadership strategies gain traction internationally.

“I am working on a socially entrepreneurial initiative to create ‘open-source leadership knowledge,’” Jue says, “which is to make leadership knowledge more accessible to practitioners who need it globally, particularly in emerging economies.”

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