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Best websites for business students

Websites for business students

Considering launching a startup someday or running a company? Business professionals need to stay abreast of the latest news in order to be competitive in today’s market. To help you keep up with everything from global innovations to financial developments and even current best practices in career development, check out these five must-see websites:

Mind Tools

Mind Tools

“If I had to recommend one site for business students, it’d be Mind Tools,” says Rob Inglis, a University of Phoenix business program instructor with an international business and finance background. This source can help you develop skills in a range of topics — from time management to problem-solving.

Special feature: The toolkit on the website contains more than 700 articles designed to improve your level of professionalism in the workplace.


This site provides the latest business news with a strong emphasis on finance. “You have to be cognizant of what’s going on and how it affects your business,” says Monica Galante, a business instructor with a background in employee development. “You need to be proactive, not reactive,” she adds.

Galante recommends supplementing this source with regular visits to sites like Yahoo News to help stay connected to broader current events that can affect business decisions.

Special feature: A premium services section allows the portfolio-minded user to pay for exclusive content, including expert advice on stock trading as well as tips on creating a solid portfolio.


Small-business professionals look to this resource for answers to their questions on finance, accounting, marketing and technology. Even those working for Fortune 500 companies can learn from this website.

Special feature: Manta offers four regular newsletters, which Inglis recommends reading. Subscribers can sign up for Manta SMB View, Manta Over Quota, Tip Of The Day and Connect Digest.

Working Knowledge

Part of the Harvard Business School, this website is dedicated to research and new ideas related to business. Here you can find information about topics ranging from business history and entrepreneurship to social enterprises and nonprofits.

Special feature: “You can sign up at the site to receive a free weekly email of easy-to-read but relevant articles on business,” Inglis says. “And you have a content-based library on the left-hand side where you can access all sorts of great articles.”

My Executive Career Coach

This resource helps people realize their career goals. “In this world, you need as much help as you can get, and this [site] is great for the people who can’t afford career coaches,” Galante says. Sometimes it’s who you know that gets you in the door, she notes, but it’s always what you know that gets you where you want to go.

Special feature: While much of the site requires a user fee, the free blog on the website is worth checking out because it publishes valuable career advice and tips on a monthly basis.