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This section of Phoenix Forward is all about helping you find the perfect work-life balance as you juggle life’s many priorities as a student. You’ll find tips on time management and studying efficiently, as well as how to find the support you need while you’re working to reach your goals.

How to develop good study habits

High-achieving students understand that having good study habits means figuring out how to balance school with work and personal obligations, says Amy Lisk, MA, a technical writer and an online instructor in the University of Phoenix® English program.

Stress-free kids

How to tell if your kids are overscheduled

Worrying about college acceptance when your child is only 8 and lining up tons of extracurricular activities can lead to ...

Learning styles

There are 7 learning styles. Which one fits you?

Everyone learns differently, says Joy V’Marie, MS, an online instructor in the general studies program at the ...

5 of the best apps for college students

Apps nowadays do everything from reminding you about school assignments to saving your written work in one central ...

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6 creative Mother’s Day gifts

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5 videos offer tips on how to pay for college

When it comes to covering the cost of college tuition, you might wonder how ...

Study skills

Want to be a better studier? Check out these tips

Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your concentration? ...

Setting goals

Why set goals?

If you want to accomplish as much as possible — both personally and ...


Want to network with fellow students and alumni?

University of Phoenix and its vast online presence connect thousands of students ...

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