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Student webinars can help you master the basics

Live events promote student success

Need to write a college essay, but still haven’t figured out how to compose a decent thesis sentence? Have no fear. The Academic Tutoring department at University of Phoenix offers complimentary weekly webinars that provide group tutoring in a range of subjects to promote student success.

Interested students can visit the Center for Writing Excellence to register for sessions on such topics as stress reduction, essay writing, how to get the most out of the Center for Mathematics Excellence and — the newest addition — learning to use the Online University Library.

“We wanted to provide live support to our students in subject areas that are in high demand,” explains Amelia Boan, product director for Academic Tutoring. She also plans to launch programs on topics such as plagiarism and writing a cover letter.

Limited to 200 students, each tutoring event lasts about one hour, Boan says, takes place in real time over both WebEx® web conferencing and a telephone line and is facilitated by two faculty or staff members who have expertise in the specific subject.

In addition to listening to instruction, students may ask questions over the phone at specific intervals after clicking on a “raise hand” symbol on their computer screens, or submit questions via computer text, according to Boan.

Since these live events began taking place in April 2012, “the most popular topic has been essay writing,” Boan notes, “probably because every class you take at the University requires you to write a paper.”


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