Industry Strategy Group

Collaborating with industries to connect education to careers

Elevating industry workforces to consistently maintain their global competitive edge takes the commitment of many leaders. The University of Phoenix Industry Strategy Group (ISG) stands ready to serve in collaboration with national and international industry associations that focus on talent development.

ISG supports associations’ efforts to improve their industries’ workforces by:

  • Identifying education specific to skills and competencies endorsed by industries
  • Assisting national talent development leaders in pinpointing talent needs in their fields
  • Defining talent development opportunities across multiple industries

To help industry leaders create paths that lead skilled workers to enter or enhance their chosen industry, ISG offers:

  • Talent development roundtables and working sessions
  • Industry-supported talent development research studies and reports
  • Educational pathways for sustainable careers in industry

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Elevate your industry’s workforce by identifying educational innovations that can help move your industry forward.

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Hear insights from an industry leader on the value of educational programs aligned with manufacturing careers.

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