(602) 713-0785 – University of Phoenix

(602) 713-0785 is the official phone number of University of Phoenix Enrollment Services. University of Phoenix representatives use this number to reach anyone who has expressed interest or requested additional information about the University.

At University of Phoenix, we respect your privacy and only call those who have submitted their contact information and given their consent for an enrollment representative to contact them by phone from (602) 713-0785.

If you receive a call from (602) 713-0785, please know that it is a representative who wishes to accommodate your request for more information about University of Phoenix. If you would like to be removed from our phone list, please contact us and request that your number be placed on a do-not-call list.

If you feel that you have received calls from (602) 713-0785 without your consent, please contact us and describe how this error could have occurred. University of Phoenix is committed to providing a welcoming experience and adhering to our privacy policy. We would like to know about any misuse of this number.

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