Information Systems Degree

Information systems degrees offered through the College of Information Systems and Technology at University of Phoenix focus on the application of information technology in the business environment. While our undergraduate programs emphasize basic technologies, our graduate programs have a much greater emphasis on management.

We offer information systems degree concentrations at both the bachelor's and master's-degree level. Other information systems degrees focused on information technology are available at the associate's level through University of Phoenix.

Information Systems Security Degree

Our undergraduate information systems degrees emphasize basic technologies and provide foundational knowledge in this area of study. Earn a bachelor's in information systems security through the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Systems Security program. Other concentrations are also available through the BIT program, but this information systems degree focuses on the concepts and principles of securing and protecting the information assets of a business organization.

Master of Information Systems Degree

The information systems degree at the graduate level is the Master of Information Systems program, which emphasizes management. The Master of Information Systems degree is designed to enable graduates to understand and apply the principles of systems analysis and design, as well as analyze and evaluate security management. In addition, it is geared to helping students create and evaluate risk project plans, risk plans and information systems strategic plans.

For advanced learners, the Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership program offers a doctoral-level information systems degree concentration that focuses on management.

While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please contact a University Enrollment Representative to confirm the available programs and learning formats in your local area.

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