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Whether you want to study business systems or visual communications, University of Phoenix offers information technology degrees at various levels. While our undergraduate information technology degrees emphasize basic technologies, our graduate level information technology degree has a much greater emphasis on management. Our doctoral degree offers an organizational perspective.

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To learn information technology, degrees at University of Phoenix begin at the associate level. You can earn an Associate of Arts in Information Technology/Networking. The associate's networking and information technology degree focuses on information systems and the analysis, design and security of modern computer networks. Students can choose another associate's concentration in Information Technology and Web Design, which focuses on the application of web authoring tools, HTML, programming language, and web standards to design and implement websites for business applications.

Our bachelor's and master's information technology degrees focus on business and the primary content areas of business systems, technology programming, technology database, technology networking, web multimedia and visual communication. At the bachelor's level we offer a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree, among others. At the master's level we offer the Master of Information Systems degree. These information technology degrees are offered through the College of Information Systems and Technology.

At the doctoral level we offer a degree with a specialization in information technology. The Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership/Information Systems and Technology (DM/IST) enables you to understand and evaluate the scope and impact of information systems and technology (IST) from organizational, industry-wide, and global perspectives. The DM/IST curriculum lays a foundation of knowledge in critical thinking, leadership and the application of IST content areas. While offered online, doctoral programs require brief residencies in select cities or countries.

While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. Please contact a University Enrollment Representative to confirm program availability in your state and local area.

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