Statistics Classes

Many degree programs require statistics classes. We offer several designed to teach statistics fundamentals, but we also offer business statistics classes to help you develop field-specific knowledge. In QNT 531, one of our advanced statistics classes, you’ll study the analysis of variance, regression, non-parametric statistics, as well as time series and forecasting.

Enroll in Statistics Classes at University of Phoenix

We also offer statistics classes individually. We understand that not everyone needs to take an entire degree program.

Sometimes, you only need a few statistics classes to brush up on your skills for personal or business reasons. Or perhaps you need to take statistics classes to help you support a research project.

Our individual statistics classes may just be the thing you need to help you meet your goals.

Business Statistics Classes:

While widely available, not all programs are offered to residents of all states. Please contact an Enrollment Representative to confirm program availability in your local area.

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