Technology Programs

University of Phoenix offers degree programs designed to provide the competencies needed to function effectively in the information technology arena. Our technology programs enable you to gain up-to-date knowledge while learning to address real-world business opportunities and challenges.

Additionally, our technology programs are designed to match your interests. For example, our programs address areas such as business systems development, databases, networking, security, software engineering, management of information systems and technology, and multimedia and visual communication.

Importantly, colleges within University of Phoenix provide a continuum of learning opportunities—from associate's and bachelor's to master's degree programs. For example, you can earn your associate's degree in information technology at University of Phoenix then transition to a bachelor's degree program through the University of Phoenix College of Information Systems and Technology. You can even choose to focus on a specific technology area. Continue your learning with a master's degree in information systems. Or simply pursue the degree-level most appropriate for you and your educational goals. Either way, at University of Phoenix, you will receive a real-world education based on the latest theories and professional practices.

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While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. Please check with a University enrollment representative.

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