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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Human Services for Criminal Justice

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Want to get a foothold in the essential field of human services in the justice or prison systems? University of Phoenix offers a degree program that helps you develop a strong foundation in criminal justice principles, theories and practices, as well as gain human service skills that are specific to law enforcement.

Graduates of this degree program may want to work as probation officers or correctional treatment specialists. To further the skills needed in those fields, students in our program learn case management, mental health interventions and mediations.

Discover how you can make a difference in society and the individuals in the criminal justice system.

*Maryland residents completing this program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with an emphasis in Human Services for Criminal Justice.

Requirements and prerequisites

You will need XXX credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. However, required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits. View general requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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