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Learn how to manage electronic health records

Associate of Arts with a concentration in Health Administration/Electronic Health Records Fundamentals (Certificate Track)

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Associate of Arts with a concentration in Health Administration/Electronic Health Records Fundamentals (Certificate Track)

Hospitals and care centers depend on medical records clerks, medical records administrators and clinical documentation specialists to manage and input patient information. The Associate of Arts with a concentration in Health Administration/Electronic Health Records Fundamentals (Certificate Track)* provides a foundation in the structure, design and application of electronic health records needed for those responsibilities.

The curriculum in this degree program is aligned with, and prepares you to take, the National Healthcareer Association® (NHA) Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) exam.

Speak with an Enrollment Representative to learn how our associate degree program prepares you to enter this field.

*Maryland residents completing this program will earn an Associate of Arts Emphasis in Health Administration.

National Healthcare Association is a registered trademark of Assessment Technologies Institute LLC.

What you'll learn


The Associate of Arts Degree in Health Administration with a concentration in Electronic Health Records Fundamentals lays a foundation for further study of the health care industry at the undergraduate level. Courses focus on the introduction of health care delivery, medical terminology, health care information systems fundamentals, data management, and health care ethics and compliance. Students will also use electronic health record-keeping software that synthesizes a variety of records processes common in health care facilities. The concepts learned in this program align to national electronic health record specialist certification exam content.


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View the Associate Of Arts Health Administration/electronic Health Records (certificate Track) gainful employment disclosures.
View the Electronic Health Records Fundamentals Certificate gainful employment disclosures.

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Core courses

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Benefits of this degree program

  • Gain skills relevant to health care management

    Build the skills and knowledge needed to understand various functions of the United States health care system and roles of health care workers. In addition, you'll critically examine the public policy, information technology, financial management, and regulatory and ethical issues of the industry.

  • Faculty who average 17.5 years of working experience in health care

    Our faculty members have working experience in the fields that they teach, and they hold master’s degrees or higher. This combination of experience and academic achievement means our faculty are industry leaders who provide students with a balanced view of how theory can be applied to a working environment.

  • Courses that align with the industry

    Our curriculum is developed to reflect program outcomes and health care industry standards. The coursework is updated in response to student assessment results and faculty feedback to keep course content effective, relevant and aligned with the latest industry information.

Is this the right program for you?

Helping people improve their lives can have long-term positive impact. Earning your Associate af Arts Health Care Administration/Electronic Health Records will give you the knowledge you need — an Enrollment Representative can help you get started.

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