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5 simple tips for people who hate networking

People love to hate on professional networking: It’s transactional, they say — a drab, white room with people mechanically exchanging business cards. I used to think so, too. Before founding The Muse, I was the world’s worst professional networker. I knew, in theory, that it was important — to get a new job, to get a promotion or advance a career, to make connections or learn ...

7 job interview questions you should ask

It’s a common situation: The job interview is wrapping up, and you’re confident you’ve done well. But then the hiring manager says, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Responding with a polite “no” isn’t going to cut it. Your time to ask ...

How you can tell it’s time for a career change

If work is no longer fulfilling, and you’re thinking about making a move, how do you decide whether you should start a completely new career?

When simply changing your employer is not enough, it may be time, says David Meintrup, MA, a career coach with Phoenix Career Services™ for University of ...

How to build job experience in your career field

While federal statistics show that earning a bachelor’s degree can lead to higher income on average— more than $400 more per week than with a high school diploma — a degree alone is no guarantee you’ll land a good job.

“You really need a combination of education and experience to get hired for ...

Perfecting your elevator pitch

What’s an elevator pitch, and why do you need one?

“An elevator pitch is a 30-second, 90-word marketing tool for job seekers,” explains Eleanor Augur, MA, a career coach with Phoenix Career Services™. “It’s a commercial where you’re the star — you’re selling your skills, ...

How to protect your online personal brand

Corporate brands like Coca-Cola® beverages and Apple® devices convey an instantly recognizable message. But good branding also applies to individual job seekers, says Donna Meldrum, MA, a licensed professional counselor and career coach with Phoenix Career Services™.

Networking with style

The days of looking for posted job openings and then sending out resumés are rapidly falling by the wayside, according to a 2013 Jobvite hiring survey. It found that 94 percent of job recruiters use social networking to search for candidates, and 78 percent of those recruiters have hired based on that approach....

5 things you shouldn’t say in a job interview

Now that you’ve landed an interview at the company of your dreams, it’s time to prepare for the initial meeting. While there’s a wealth of information on coaching people about what to say when encountering a prospective employer, it’s also key that you know what not to talk about.

How to ask for a letter of recommendation

If you’re seeking a job or scholarship or hoping to move on in college to earn an advanced degree, chances are you’ll need letters of recommendation from some of your instructors to accompany your application.

But before you request a letter, there are some key things to bear in mind, ...

How to market your general studies degree

As a student of the humanities, you’ll study everything from mathematics to social sciences to technology. But how do you make a well-rounded education enticing to employers?

Students who earn a general studies degree need to highlight their ...

6 tips for older job seekers

The older you are, the longer it can take to find a job, says Linda McKee, MBA, area chair of organizational behavior and development for the School of Business at the University of Phoenix New Mexico Campus.

That means that although federal laws protect job applicants from ...

5 surprising human resource jobs

There’s more to human resources (HR) than processing paperwork and reviewing resumés, says Sam Sanders, PhD, a certified senior professional in human resources, and campus college chair for the School of Business at the University of Phoenix Atlanta Campus.

Survey: Military to civilian transitions are tough

While U.S. servicemembers acquire valuable skills and go through diverse experiences, it’s often difficult for them to apply what they’ve learned to civilian careers, according to a 2013 University of Phoenix survey conducted by Harris Interactive in September and October 2013.

5 cool job perks

One of the first things most people typically want to know about a job is what it pays. But what about the fringe benefits?

“For some [prospective employees], the perks may outweigh or complement the salary component of a job offer,” according to Linda Ballard, a director of ...

New center to offer career coaching services

University of Phoenix students and alumni in need of academic or career support soon will be able to visit the state-of-the-art Phoenix Career and Coaching Center.

“At University of Phoenix, we’re interested in not just providing a solid ...

Stay positive during an extended job search

If you’re one of the millions of Americans seeking work in a still-recovering U.S. economy, you may be job hunting for a prolonged period. So how do you stay positive for the long haul and keep your self-esteem intact?

Video tips to promote yourself online

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” as the saying goes, and the same holds true online.

“People are visual, and they often prefer to watch videos over reading lots of content,” says Lisa Sims, MS, an online instructor in the IT program for ...

Networking tips for techies

Networking doesn’t just refer to connecting servers. Today’s competitive job market calls for schmoozing — which can strike fear in the hearts of techies.

“[Technical] personalities … are less likely to fit into traditional business circles,” says Troy Tuckett, MS, a software developer and online ...

New career guidance system simplifies job planning

Want to explore new career options, but not sure where to begin? The Phoenix Career Guidance System™ can come in handy.

“We developed this new system to help people identify their career interests and educate them on the current labor market in their area,” explains Mary ...

4 in-demand social media jobs

Many of us are hooked on social media in some form — and this addiction has not gone unnoticed in the business world: A social media study of Fortune 500 companies this year revealed that 77 percent keep active Twitter® accounts and 70 percent have a Facebook® page.

How to blow a job interview

Human resource professionals have no end of stories about oddball behavior by job candidates, which can run the gamut from prospective employees inviting interviewers out for a drink to bringing pets to interviews.

But an obvious blunder isn’t the only way to ruin your chances of landing a ...

5 in-demand telecom jobs

Telecommunication experts are in demand right now across a wide spectrum of industries, says Liane Monaco-Christensen, MBA, an instructor in the bachelor’s in IT (BSIT) program at the University of Phoenix San Diego Campus.

How to get into web design

You created your own Facebook® avatar, posted pictures of your trendy bathroom decor on your Pinterest® board and stood in line for the latest iPad® device. These skills and interests could make you a good candidate for a career as a web designer.

5 jobs IT certifications can help you get

Information technology (IT) is constantly changing, so it’s crucial to keep your skills current. But how? With certifications, says Treg Gardner, an IT specialist who teaches in the University of Phoenix A+ Fundamentals and Network+ Technologies certificate programs.

How to handle a gap on your resumé

If you’ve been out of work for a while, no matter the reason, the first thing to remember when applying for a job is that you may not have to explain the hole in your work history, says Donna Meldrum, MA, a career coach with Phoenix Career Services™.