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Scholarship helps business student dream big

It wasn’t an episode of “Sex and the City” or the bright lights of Manhattan that fueled Stephanie Brovender’s fantasies about one day living and working in New York City. It was her aunt.

“I watched her as a single mom, working and living in New York,” Brovender ...

Cybersecurity expert uses hacking skills for good

Summer Lee only needs to press a few keys on her computer to break into online computer networks and potentially wreak havoc.

But the University of Phoenix® student isn’t a hacker — she just plays one to teach companies and IT professionals how to prevent computer systems from ...

Poll: Students reveal the best music to study to

If you crank up the tunes when doing your homework, you aren’t alone. A recent informal poll on the University of Phoenix Facebook® page shows that aficionados of listening to music while studying outweigh those seeking silence by a 10-to-1 ratio.

Finding inspiration on “Roadtrip Nation”

Olivia Zanfardino, a student in the business management program at University of Phoenix, quit her job, put her studies on hold and packed her bags last summer to take part in the PBS reality TV show “Roadtrip Nation.” For seven weeks, she traveled the country, interviewing everyone from an accountant who started a cold-pressed juice bar to an Internet entrepreneur ...

Business student is undeterred by illness

Nothing, it would appear, can stop Aimee Michon.

The 34-year-old University of Phoenix student has weathered a hurricane, a tornado, family illness and debilitating personal health, yet continues to work toward her bachelor’s degree in the business management program at the ...

Student honored by MLB and People magazine

Shortly after Kevin Burciaga returned home in 2008 from a tour in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps, he received a call that would change his life — and that of a complete stranger.

The call also would eventually lead the former military police officer to be ...

3 inspiring female veterans

Serious illness and divorce. Juggling work, parenting and studying while serving their country. None of these challenges deterred these three female veterans from pursuing their degrees at University of Phoenix. In honor of Veterans Day, they share how they overcame personal and professional obstacles and made furthering their educations a priority....

NFL pro Larry Fitzgerald has a different goal

Along with scoring touchdowns for the Arizona Cardinals and traveling the world on exotic adventures, All-Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has another important role: college student.

Even with an eight-year contract that he signed in 2011, Fitzgerald remains ...

Student puts life on hold for “Roadtrip Nation”

When Olivia Zanfardino was selected this year from a pool of 2,300 applicants to appear in the next season of “Roadtrip Nation” on PBS, she knew she had the opportunity of a lifetime. So she quit her manufacturing job, put her studies in the business management program at University of Phoenix on hold and packed her bags....

For MBA student Kelley Hicks, working in fast food is about a lot more than flipping hamburgers

After 25 years in the food-service industry, Kelley Hicks has learned to accept one persistent aspect of her personality. “I’m a total control freak,” she admits, laughing. But as a student in the MBA program at University of Phoenix, Hicks notes that “getting my MBA is helping me learn to delegate some of my responsibilities, and that’s a good thing.”...

MBA student fights domestic violence

Crystal Neufeld isn’t your typical MBA student. What sets her apart is how she’s using what she’s learning in her University of Phoenix degree program: to run a domestic abuse shelter.

She enrolled in the MBA program last August — when she became executive ...

Student uses her smarts to run the family business

Working in the front office of Rudy’s Towing Service and Wrecking Yard, Christel Garcia gets a lot of grief from some male customers.

“They assume because I’m a woman, I won’t be able to answer their questions about car parts,” says Garcia, 31, a student in the MBA program at University ...

Army veteran and University of Phoenix student Jason Day rode a Segway cross-country for a cause

You’ve heard of people jogging, biking or even walking cross-country, but what about driving a Segway® scooter? That’s exactly what University of Phoenix School of Business graduate and current MBA student Jason Day did last summer to raise awareness about veteran suicide.

Top teachers pay it forward with a scholarship

When two of the nation’s top teachers had an opportunity to pay forward a full-tuition scholarship to University of Phoenix, both selected educators from their own school districts.

As state nominees for National Teacher of the Year, these teachers received ...

Online adaptive learning helps students take charge of their own education, at their own pace

The trusty computer is quickly becoming a real partner in the educational process, thanks to a growing array of online adaptive learning services that are helping transform students from passive learners to fully engaged participants.

Boy Wonder: Resident prodigy at University of Phoenix is also a doctoral student

When Chris Crowe was 12 years old, his parents made a decision that would have a tremendous impact on the rest of his life. They decided that he and his older sister, Rebecca, then 14, would skip high school altogether and enrolled the siblings in their local community college in Phoenix instead.

Student turns class project into a community playground for underprivileged kids

Norma Ortiz takes her college courses at University of Phoenix seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she turned a class grant-writing assignment into a real-life project at the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF), where she works full time.

University of Phoenix student Betty Ireigbe publishes autobiography

As a child, Betty Ireigbe walked more than 20 miles a day to fetch water, contemplating her life in a rural West African village. Today, she is a celebrated author and businesswoman.

Ireigbe recalls in her new memoir, “Courage: The Inspirational Life Story of ...

National Teacher of the Year is celebrated at the White House

Rebecca Mieliwocki, a seventh-grade English teacher from Burbank, Calif., has been selected as the 2012 National Teacher of the Year. In an upbeat ceremony at the White House on April 24, President Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan introduced the top teacher and the 53 other State Teachers of the Year to the nation....

Leadership lessons: Embrace change, says Cincinnati police chief

Early on, Cincinnati police chief and University of Phoenix alumnus James Craig decided that if he wanted to make change, he needed to be part of the change. As a young police officer, he set his sights on a leadership position so he could influence law enforcement organizations from the top, and he’s been leaving his mark on police departments across the country ever since....

President Obama recognizes alumnus Leon Dixon for his community service

Inner-city Detroit native Leon Dixon is a man of action. When he decided to help the homeless, he started collecting blankets for nonprofit organizations to distribute; when he didn't like the results, he immediately changed course. "I noticed that the blankets weren't getting to the people who needed them the most," recalls Dixon, who has a bachelor's in management and an MBA ...

Olympic runner Julius Achon strives to help Uganda

The world is full of inspirational people, but few match the character and spirit of Julius Achon, a two-time Olympic runner from Uganda who has lived through dramatic tragedies and equally dramatic triumphs.

Achon was abducted at age 12 by rebels during Uganda's bloody civil war and ...

University of Phoenix student Ernest Harris turns class project into job

Lots of people sit around and dream of career possibilities. But Ernest Harris took a class project that entailed describing his ideal job, followed through and turned it into a reality.

It all started in 2010, when Harris was taking an Organizational Leadership ...

Meet the winner of the Great American Teach-Off

Terry Dougherty’s life changed dramatically this month when she walked into an assembly hall at Roland Rogers Elementary School in Galloway Township, N.J.

The third-grade teacher thought she was attending a simple Veteran’s Day ...

From the classroom to the big screen

The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” couldn’t be truer than at Mitchell Elementary School, an institution nestled in downtown Phoenix in a community laden with problems: high crime rates, unemployment, poverty and other inner-city issues.