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Instructor had a bird’s-eye view of history

For Raymond Shelton, service to both his country and others has been a driving force in everything he’s done, from his long military career to his decade-plus of teaching at University of Phoenix.

“I try to put a human perspective on history from a guy who has been there,” ...

Grants help fund faculty research and innovation

Research funding isn’t just for the ivory tower. Thanks to the Office of Scholarship Support (OSS), all University of Phoenix faculty members, online or at a campus, are eligible to apply for grants to support their own research and innovation.

Instructor’s nonprofit helps young people flourish

“I’ve devoted my life to telling young people they can lead productive, well-educated lives,” says Gladys Pearson, an online instructor in the general studies program for University of Phoenix, and founder and CEO of Making It To The Finish Line, a nonprofit mentoring program for youths ages 7 to 17. ...

Living in a straw house isn’t just a fairy tale

You might think straw houses only exist in “The Three Little Pigs.” But environmental engineer and University of Phoenix online instructor David Barraza discovered that a straw bale home is an inexpensive, eco-friendly option for the real world.

At University of Phoenix, those who can, teach

Becoming a faculty member at University of Phoenix is tough. Not only must applicants possess advanced degrees and a wealth of expertise in their fields, but they must also survive an intensive, four-week training course and demonstrate teaching ability under the watchful eye of a mentor. The process is so long, in fact, that the average time from filling out an ...

Dean James Ness offers a world of law enforcement experience to criminal justice students

For James Ness, PhD, dean of the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security, a career that began as a small-town cop took anything but a predictable path. After rising to chief of police, Ness became a professor and then accepted law enforcement and training missions overseas in strife-torn countries....

From the courtroom to Afghanistan, retired judge takes calculated risks

Some people lead simple, quiet lives where they stick to one career and then retire. Others, like Larry Sage, live on the edge.

In 2007 at age 61, the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security instructor embarked on two 15-month stints in Afghanistan to help ...