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How to turn an interview into a conversation

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As a broadcaster, there’s no question my career depends on excellent communication. But here’s a secret I’ve learned from every guest who sits down on my set: so does every career. ...

Become a LinkedIn power user

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In the previous blog post, I talked about how to use Twitter in your career search. Today, let’s go over how to achieve your career goals using LinkedIn. The good news is, the setup is a lot like Twitter, and you can use your ...

5 ways to be more productive at work

Ever feel like the workday has flown by and you still have a mountain of paperwork and scores of unread email messages to deal with? You’re not alone in your frustration: A 2012 survey by Good Technology found that 80 percent of people continue to work after leaving the office — amounting to an average of seven extra hours each week. ...

5 signs of a toxic work environment

Do you dread going into work each day and come home feeling demeaned and dejected? You may be toiling in a toxic work environment, according to Leslie Baker, MA, a licensed marriage and family therapist who teaches in the counseling program at the University of Phoenix® Bay Area Campus in California....

Turn Twitter into your career search engine

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This might surprise you: In today’s job market, 94 percent of companies are using social networks to find candidates, and nearly 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. The fact is that social media is one of the best ...

How to build a personal brand online

Just as Coca-Cola®, Apple® and Microsoft® corporate brands can instantly convey an unspoken message about their companies’ quality and value to consumers, a strong personal brand can communicate what job seekers have to offer to employers.

5 simple tips for people who hate networking

People love to hate on professional networking: It’s transactional, they say — a drab, white room with people mechanically exchanging business cards. I used to think so, too. Before founding The Muse, I was the world’s worst professional networker. I knew, in theory, that it was important — to get a new job, to get a promotion or advance a career, to make connections or learn ...

How you can tell it’s time for a career change

If work is no longer fulfilling, and you’re thinking about making a move, how do you decide whether you should start a completely new career?

When simply changing your employer is not enough, it may be time, says David Meintrup, MA, a career coach with Phoenix Career Services™ for University of ...

How to build job experience in your career field

While federal statistics show that earning a bachelor’s degree can lead to higher income on average— more than $400 more per week than with a high school diploma — a degree alone is no guarantee you’ll land a good job.

“You really need a combination of education and experience to get hired for ...

Need to manage stress at work? Try these 4 tips

If you’re among the more than one-third of U.S. employees who drag themselves to a stressful work environment every day, take heart.

There are ways to help you deal with your chronic situation, according to Vicki Greenberg, a board-certified family nurse practitioner and nursing ...

Perfecting your elevator pitch

What’s an elevator pitch, and why do you need one?

“An elevator pitch is a 30-second, 90-word marketing tool for job seekers,” explains Eleanor Augur, MA, a career coach with Phoenix Career Services™. “It’s a commercial where you’re the star — you’re selling your skills, ...

5 ways to advance your career as a police officer

You made it through the police academy and are working as a patrol officer. But you have your sights set on being promoted from beat cop to detective — or perhaps one day, even chief of police.

As with many jobs, moving up takes dedication: You need time to learn the ...

How to protect your online personal brand

Corporate brands like Coca-Cola® beverages and Apple® devices convey an instantly recognizable message. But good branding also applies to individual job seekers, says Donna Meldrum, MA, a licensed professional counselor and career coach with Phoenix Career Services™.

Networking with style

The days of looking for posted job openings and then sending out resumés are rapidly falling by the wayside, according to a 2013 Jobvite hiring survey. It found that 94 percent of job recruiters use social networking to search for candidates, and 78 percent of those recruiters have hired based on that approach....

How to discuss difficult subjects with your boss

When it comes to challenging conversations, it might seem like it’s easier to talk to almost anyone other than your boss. But sometimes you must approach your supervisor about a tough subject, such as asking for a raise or requesting time off to handle a personal issue.

Make small talk work for you

Some people become tongue-tied even at the idea of having to make polite conversation at social events or business functions. But small talk is no big deal. By definition, it’s just informal or uncontroversial chatter.

“Keep in mind that you don’t have to divulge your entire life to a person ...

Making happiness at work a habit

Feeling content for eight or more hours a day while you’re on the job might seem like a fantasy. But it doesn’t have to be, says Paul Fornell, MS, a mental health therapist and instructor in the master’s in counseling program  at the University of Phoenix New Mexico Campus.

7 simple ways to build your confidence

Are you shy or easily embarrassed? Does an upcoming job interview or networking event strike fear in your heart? A lack of self-esteem, fear of the unknown or just plain nervousness can hold you back in work and life, but boosting your self-confidence is easier than you think. Here, two experts in positive psychology share their tips for losing insecurities and gaining ...

8 business email etiquette blunders

You probably use email almost every day at work. It’s quick and convenient, but that means it’s also easy to mismanage. Poor email etiquette can make you look unprofessional, rude or just plain clueless. Here, two communications experts share eight common work email faux pas and how to avoid them:  

How to ask for a letter of recommendation

If you’re seeking a job or scholarship or hoping to move on in college to earn an advanced degree, chances are you’ll need letters of recommendation from some of your instructors to accompany your application.

But before you request a letter, there are some key things to bear in mind, ...

4 ways to get motivated

Like many people, you’ve probably got a long list of things you’d like to accomplish. But how can you actually achieve at least some of your goals?

“There are lots of different practical tools people can use to help them get motivated,” says Erika Chomina Carter, MA, who teaches an online course about ...

How to remember names

Learning how to recall names can help your career and prevent some embarrassing moments.

Potential clients or customers, as well as employers, might feel insulted if you can’t remember their names, says Marshall Karp, MA, a career coach for ...

How to blow a job interview

Human resource professionals have no end of stories about oddball behavior by job candidates, which can run the gamut from prospective employees inviting interviewers out for a drink to bringing pets to interviews.

But an obvious blunder isn’t the only way to ruin your chances of landing a ...

5 ways to work well in a team

“Today’s jobs require teamwork,” says Doug Dribben, JD, a retired U.S. Army major and judge advocate general who teaches general studies courses at the University of Phoenix Maryland Campus. But it can sometimes be a challenge to work well in a group, he acknowledges.

5 networking tips for health administrators

Heard the expression “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? While that might be true for some industries, in health administration, both aspects are equally important.

“What lands people jobs,” says Dean Athanassiades, MS, an online instructor ...