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Top traits of a nurse leader

Nurse leaders work both behind the scenes and in the public arena to improve their profession, as well as health care in their communities. And not all nurse leaders necessarily occupy top executive positions, either.

“All nurses have a leadership role to play,” says Angie Strawn, MS, ...

How to remember names

Learning how to recall names can help your career and prevent some embarrassing moments.

Potential clients or customers, as well as employers, might feel insulted if you can’t remember their names, says Marshall Karp, MA, a career coach for ...

5 ways to use HR to your advantage

Sam Sanders, PhD, has watched the human resource game change completely during his long HR career.

“Today’s HR department is less about just hiring and firing and putting out personnel fires,” says Sanders, campus college chair for the School of ...

5 ways to work with a young boss

Don’t worry — you’re not the only worker facing an age gap on the job. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, one-third of U.S. workers have a younger boss. Most of those surveyed said they had no problem working for a younger supervisor. But the situation can be startling at first.

5 ways to become a self-leader

Why should you become a self-leader?

“Because you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself,” says Lisa Brizendine, an online instructor of teacher leadership courses for University of Phoenix....

Can spiritual intelligence improve workplaces?

If you have ever dreaded going to work each day because you felt your job lacked meaning, you’re not alone. It’s a common sentiment in the business world, according to Nsombi Jaja, a management consultant and graduate of the University of Phoenix Doctor of Business Administration program.

How employers can foster ethics at work

What can supervisors do to ensure that employees behave ethically?

It’s up to management to set clear ethical boundaries, says Michael Smith, who teaches online ethics courses for business programs at University of Phoenix. He notes that employees should never have to guess about what their ...

5 advantages of an MBA

Learning how to create a detailed business plan is just one advantage of earning an MBA, according to Barbara Schifano, who holds a doctorate in education and teaches in the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Main Campus. Business school students, she says, also acquire a variety of skills that they can apply in a wealth of industries and a range of occupations....

How to get PMP certification

If you have a head for managing corporate projects, getting Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification can bump up your resumé to a whole new level of respectability.

Offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), “PMP certification is the ...

Why get a doctorate?

Think earning a doctorate means becoming a college professor? “This is a common myth,” says Ruby Rouse, PhD, a marketing consultant and an instructor in the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies (SAS).

“People think there is only one flavor of a doctorate — a PhD,” which trains ...

We can be heroes: A new book explains how

In high school, Richard Schuttler, PhD, got some advice from a history teacher that changed his life. Schuttler was planning to join the U.S. Navy but started waffling when his peers gave him a hard time.

“My teacher pulled me aside and said, ‘Don’t let other kids influence your ...

7 signs you're a bad boss

You enter the lunchroom, and discussion among your employees halts. They drop eye contact with you, and then everyone scurries away. You get the feeling they were talking about you.

Recognize the scenario? “It may be because you’re a bad boss,” says Anthony ...

You can become a transformational leader

There’s no denying it: The concept of transformational leadership has become hot. Hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons praised New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for being a transformational leader in a Huffington Post blog. So what exactly is this trendy way of motivating others?

Secrets to highly effective teamwork

Want to know the secret to creating an effective business team — one that is all about teamwork?

The most effective teams tap into what makes each member unique and what motivates them, according to Cathy Rodgers, a corporate consultant on ...

How to get into management

Do you have what it takes to become a manager? “There’s a fallacy in business that good workers always get promoted up to management, and this just isn’t the case,” says Robert Balcerzak, a management consultant and area chair of the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Indianapolis Campus. “You have to seek those opportunities out yourself.”...

5 bad habits in office meetings

If you’re an office professional, then meetings are likely commonplace in your workday. They’re part of the job, and they’re how a lot of work — and communication — gets done. On the other hand, bad meeting habits can cause distractions and derail an otherwise efficient meeting into the realm of unproductivity. ...

7 essential skills every MBA grad should possess

So you’ve gotten your MBA and are ready to try your luck in the job market. Now you’ve just got to convince an employer that you’ve got the “right stuff” to succeed.

Alisa V. Fleming, associate dean at the University of Phoenix School of ...

5 things you need to know about managing up

It’s one thing to acquire the skills to manage the people working under you, but if you really want to reach the thin air at the top of the corporate ladder, it’s important to learn how to manage up.

“Managing up is about doing your job so well that it makes your manager look ...

5 ways to hire the right person

In a tough economy, companies can pick and choose among qualified job candidates for that perfect fit. But job candidates who look good on paper can still turn into bad hires.

"A bad hire hurts an organization worse than a good hire helps an ...

5 workplace ethical dilemmas

Good business practices aren’t just about the bottom line — they’re also about morality.

Savvy professionals understand how to balance profit with ethics, and do it consistently. “To me, if you are ethical, you act the same way whether you’re ...

5 steps for turning around low performers

With tight corporate budgets echoing tough economic times, it’s never been more important to ensure that all of your employees are productive members of the team. So what should managers do when they find low performers among the ranks? Here are five tested steps from Elaine Earle, an instructor in the University of Phoenix MBA program, to help turn around slackers:...

5 ways to fire an employee respectfully

Axing an employee is a boss’ most unpleasant responsibility, but there are ways to lessen the pain, according to Anthony Di Gaetano, an instructor in the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Sacramento Valley Campus. Here, his five tips on how to let an employee go with respect and dignity:

Is unlimited vacation good for business?

Imagine a world in which companies have no vacation time limits and let employees take time off whenever they want, for as long as they want, provided they get their jobs done. It’s actually not imaginary — a growing number of companies are now offering unlimited vacation time as part of their employee benefit packages. But is it too good to be true?...

5 ways to ensure business decisions are socially responsible

Running a company means more than making a profit and keeping customers happy. Businesses also need to ensure that their actions and decisions in and outside the workplace are socially responsible.

“I would define ‘socially responsible’ as having an interest in matters that ...

5 ways to bring play into the workplace

The same is true for many employees who are glued to their desks for eight hours a day. Studies show that just 10 minutes of play can have a positive impact on workplace performance, says Jim Lipot, instructor in the MBA program for the University of Phoenix Southern California Campus.