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How to turn an interview into a conversation

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As a broadcaster, there’s no question my career depends on excellent communication. But here’s a secret I’ve learned from every guest who sits down on my set: so does every career. ...

Become a LinkedIn power user

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In the previous blog post, I talked about how to use Twitter in your career search. Today, let’s go over how to achieve your career goals using LinkedIn. The good news is, the setup is a lot like Twitter, and you can use your ...

Turn Twitter into your career search engine

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This might surprise you: In today’s job market, 94 percent of companies are using social networks to find candidates, and nearly 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. The fact is that social media is one of the best ...

How to protect your online personal brand

Corporate brands like Coca-Cola® beverages and Apple® devices convey an instantly recognizable message. But good branding also applies to individual job seekers, says Donna Meldrum, MA, a licensed professional counselor and career coach with Phoenix Career Services™.

How to get F5 certification

Ever use a debit card, download an app, shop online or text a friend? Application delivery networking (ADN) is the technology behind all those activities. It’s what helps keep thousands of gamers worldwide online at the same time and ensures that your favorite cooking site doesn’t go down on Thanksgiving....

5 ways to follow proper LinkedIn etiquette

At a cocktail party, you probably wouldn’t approach someone you didn’t know and ask for a job recommendation. You have to build relationships in life, and the same is generally true for your LinkedIn® network, says David Horen, project coordinator on the Phoenix Career Services™ team.

5 IT fields in demand

With advances in information technology changing how businesses operate, growth in the industry means more careers for skilled workers.

“The world is moving toward specialization,” says Yen Hoe Lee, director of IT for a health care company and an online instructor in the University of ...

The best LinkedIn tips for veterans

If you’re a veteran who served many years in the military, you may be unsure how to get into today’s civilian job market — including through the LinkedIn® professional networking website.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, says Garland Williams, PhD, a retired U.S. ...

5 ways working in the cloud is changing business

Working "in the cloud” is making old-school desktop computers, disc drives and bulky servers a thing of the past.

“In cloud computing, the data storage is spread across dozens, hundreds or thousands of servers [on] the Internet,” instead of one local server, ...

5 online skills tests for job seekers

Taking tests isn’t just for students — it can also help boost your career. “Our interests and skill capabilities are constantly evolving, so it makes sense to reassess our abilities throughout our careers,” says Igor Khayet, senior manager of the Phoenix Career Services™ team. Here are five online assessments that can help identify your next opportunity:...

Best websites for business students

Considering launching a startup someday or running a company? Business professionals need to stay abreast of the latest news in order to be competitive in today’s market. To help you keep up with everything from global innovations to financial developments and even current best practices in career development, check out these five must-see websites:...

Why Twitter is worth your time

Imagine a tool that gives you access to concise tips from the foremost experts in your industry, as well as breaking news — well before traditional news outlets — and the ability to reach millions of users whom you can market your business to. It exists, and it's called Twitter®.

How to trash your online reputation

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute,” said the great American humorist Will Rogers in a moment of wisdom. The same is certainly true of your reputation online, whether it’s your personal or business identity, or your company’s image. Here, some examples of what not to do online:...

5 ways teachers can use tablets in the classroom

Educators are increasingly discovering imaginative ways to use the iPad® and other handheld tablets in the classroom, says Kathy Cook, director of educational technology for the University of Phoenix College of Education.

“IPads can be used effectively in the classroom as a textbook and document ...

5 times when conference calls are no substitute for face time

While the days of the old school “road warriors” — those business people who logged hundreds of thousands of airline miles per year — may be waning, there is still a place for face time in business. Here are five scenarios for when “face-to-face” is still the best way to do business.

Believe the hype: 5 tips for protecting your company’s online reputation

American business magnate Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and about five minutes to ruin it.” And now that a corporation’s identity has expanded to include the online stream of gossip from social media as well as outspoken social commerce sites, it’s no wonder that protecting a company’s reputation online is big business....