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Campus tours showcase John Sperling Center

How do you draw blood from a manikin? What percentage of recycled materials were used to build the University of Phoenix® Main Campus?

You can get the answers to these questions and more during a complimentary guided tour of the campus, also known as the John Sperling Center for ...

Success tips from University of Phoenix students

Whether they’re checking email messages after a long workday, taking kids to after-school activities or squeezing in a workout, these four University of Phoenix® students still manage to make higher education a priority in their already packed schedules.

5 of the best apps for college students

Apps nowadays do everything from reminding you about school assignments to saving your written work in one central location that’s accessible from any Internet-enabled device. But with more than 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store™ online marketplace alone, how do you figure out which ones are worth your time — and money?...

How the doctoral dissertation process works

Completing your doctoral dissertation is likely one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do, according to Amanda Stevens, a student in the University of Phoenix® Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership program.

5 videos offer tips on how to pay for college

When it comes to covering the cost of college tuition, you might wonder how much financial aid is available, who qualifies and whether it’s even worth applying for, says Chris Conway, MA, University of Phoenix® financial education initiatives director .

Want to network with fellow students and alumni?

University of Phoenix and its vast online presence connect thousands of students from every corner of life at any given time — whether they take courses online or at a campus.

But do they ever really get to know their fellow students? Is that even ...

5 student services that can help you succeed

University of Phoenix students are diverse, with a wide range of academic, professional and personal needs — whether they’re military veterans transitioning to civilian life, working moms or dads juggling family responsibilities and school, or employees training for a new career after working for years in another industry....

University of Phoenix named Military-Friendly School for fifth consecutive year

University of Phoenix continues to be a top education destination for military students: It was named to G.I. Jobs magazine’s 2014 list of Military-Friendly Schools for the fifth consecutive year, and earned the same honor for the sixth straight year from Military Advanced Education magazine.

5 ways to connect with fellow students

Just because you aren’t in a college classroom every day doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to connect with other University of Phoenix students while getting your online degree.

“Developing relationships with fellow students is an important part of any ...

5 benefits of joining student organizations

Getting good grades may be among your top educational goals, but there’s more to college than just earning A’s.

“There is overwhelming support and research that validates the importance and value of activities outside the classroom,” says Hal Morgan, MBA, ...

How to improve your odds of winning scholarships

Scholarships are free money, but not easy money. Applying takes time, research and patience.

With more than $3.4 billion in scholarships awarded each year, students should take the opportunity to apply for as many as they think they are ...

New center to offer career coaching services

University of Phoenix students and alumni in need of academic or career support soon will be able to visit the state-of-the-art Phoenix Career and Coaching Center.

“At University of Phoenix, we’re interested in not just providing a solid ...

University scholarship program aims to cut tuition

Looking for ways to save on college tuition? So are many of the schools you may be considering, says Bill Berry, who holds a Doctor of Management degree and serves as dean of the School of Business for University of Phoenix.

“Public, private and for-profit universities are trying to adapt to our ...

How the new online classroom can help you

University of Phoenix is upgrading its online classroom for the first time in more than a decade.

The “New Classroom” incorporates elements of social media and reflects the contemporary online experience students are used to elsewhere on the web, ...

How University of Phoenix helps military students

Whether in wartime or peacetime, the heavy demands and regimented structure of serving in the U.S. Armed Forces mean military students have different needs than traditional students, according to Mike Bibbee, vice president of internal operations for the University of Phoenix Military Division.

What to do after you graduate from college

Once you’ve crossed the stage, accepted your diploma and turned in your cap and gown, don’t just sit there smiling — it’s time to make all your hard work count.

You’ll want to do everything possible to put your degree to work for you, ...

7 graduation tips to make your day memorable

It’s your moment. After so many homework assignments, late-night study sessions and personal sacrifices, the time has finally arrived for all your efforts to be acknowledged at graduation. So you’ll want to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch.

5 online skills tests for job seekers

Taking tests isn’t just for students — it can also help boost your career. “Our interests and skill capabilities are constantly evolving, so it makes sense to reassess our abilities throughout our careers,” says Igor Khayet, senior manager of the Phoenix Career Services™ team. Here are five online assessments that can help identify your next opportunity:...

7 ways to reduce student loans

Like many students, you’ll likely need some financial aid to help pay for college. But student loans aren’t your only option — and should be carefully considered after reviewing other available options. Here are seven ways to pay for your education:

5 benefits of a small class size

When it comes to the number of students in a college class, does size make a difference?

Yes, say two experts, who note that the intimacy of a class with 15 to 20 students often means more individual attention and better communication ...

7 ways University of Phoenix eCampus supports online students

As a student at University of Phoenix, you have access to a variety of helpful services. ECampus, the University’s internal website, offers a myriad of support resources:

This collection of lighthearted yet informative video tutorials gets new ...

5 reasons to finish your degree

Getting an education while juggling work and family is not easy. Though you might be tempted to quit, there are good reasons to stay on track:

Although the overall U.S. unemployment rate remains high, there is a shortage of skilled workers. According to a recent report from the Bureau of ...

Navigating the digital halls of the library

The University Library, launched in 1995, is an expansive resource for students, faculty and alumni. It’s completely online, offering accessibility while helping to preserve the environment by using fewer resources.

“We were the first university to have an online library. Before 1995, ...

3 ways a job-skills workshop can help you

Finding a job is, well, a job in itself. You perform research on companies and check job websites. You refine your resumé and cover letter. You do interviews over the phone and in person. It all takes a lot of time, and none of your work has a guaranteed payday.

With autism on the rise, teachers find support through continuing education

Picture this: It’s the first day of school for 23 third-graders. Eagerly, they settle into their seats with their new backpacks and fresh school supplies. But not the boy still sitting outside, immersed in his imaginary world of action figures. He’s that one out of every 54 boys in the U.S. who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. And he’s going to make his ...