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Want to be a better studier? Check out these tips

Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your concentration? Or that reading your coursework aloud can make a difference in how well you grasp the material?

Employing these and other surprising tips, along with some creativity, can ...

Post-holiday money-management tips

You’ve eaten all the holiday treats, taken down the seasonal decorations, and now it’s time to confront those post-holiday bills and bank statements.

But debt doesn’t have to be part of every holiday season, according to Keith Bong, a chartered financial analyst and an online instructor in the ...

How to be stress-free when you have houseguests

Your mother plans to stay with you for the holidays. Or your old college roommate is coming for a weeklong visit. Or your cousin has invited herself to spend the weekend at your tiny apartment. You want to enjoy the company of your friends and family, but you want to maintain your sanity, too. What to do?...

Creative gift giving for the holidays

Although the holidays often mean enjoying the company of friends and family, the pressure to spend a lot of money on store-bought gifts can turn this time of year into the anxiety season.

“Without taking the time to be thoughtful about gift giving, many people run ...

How to stay focused during the holidays

It’s holiday season — time for parties, shopping and family get-togethers. But for many students, the season also brings the challenge of meshing all the festivities with their work and study schedules, according to Kathryn Garcia, a licensed clinical social worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree, and is an instructor in the general studies program at the University ...

How to improve financial literacy in kids

You might not think a second-grade classroom would be the best place to teach money management. But that’s exactly where University of Phoenix doctoral student David Lockett is pioneering financial literacy for children.

Lockett’s home state of Tennessee launched a statewide initiative in 2010 to ...

How women in business can “lean in”

“Professional women often struggle as they try to balance their work and personal roles, while still trying to grow in both,” according to Alexandra Escobar, who holds a master’s degree in education and is campus college chair for the College of Education at the University of Phoenix South Florida Campus....

Going back to school? How to tell your partner

The decision to get your degree ultimately is yours. But as thrilled as you are about your education, you might be realizing that you need your partner to be on board with your plans.

“Obtaining emotional buy-in from your partner is critical,” says Carol ...

How parents can prepare kids for Common Core

“Common Core bumps [education] up a notch for both students and parents, and it’s going to take collaboration between teachers and the community to succeed,” says Lesa Lindberg, EdD, a middle school assistant principal who teaches general education courses at the University of Phoenix Little Rock Campus....

Top time-management tips for students

“It’s sometimes difficult for students [to return to school] — especially if friends and family don’t understand or support their decision,” says Gloria Pugliese, MBA, a former high school teacher and area chair for the University of Phoenix College of Humanities and Sciences at the Philadelphia Campus.

Advice for students going back to school

If you’re a new student who’s wondering how you’re going to balance daily and weekly requirements for your degree program with everything else you have to do, you’re not alone.

“The biggest issue most new students have is making the adjustment to the ...

5 ways Common Core standards affect education

If you have kids in school, you might have found yourself scratching your head this year over some of their homework. You aren’t alone.

But there’s a reason those math and English assignments are different than before: The Common Core State Standards Initiative revises the academic ...

5 things to do before letting your child quit

Now that you’ve plunked down the requisite cash to register your daughter for ballet lessons and bought the tights, leotard and ballet slippers, she never seems to want to go. In fact, most weeks she says quitting is her preferred option, and you literally drag her out the door.

5 time-management tips for busy moms

You cook meals, run errands, raise kids, work, attend school — the list goes on. It’s no wonder you feel there isn’t enough time to do everything.

But with planning and some organizational tools, you can accomplish more than you thought. Two experts offer tips to help you make the most of each ...

8 ways loved ones can prep for your graduation

Do you have friends and family members who have agreed to see you cross the stage during University of Phoenix National Commencement on June 7th or 8th? Here’s a list of things your loved ones should do before and during their trip to Phoenix:

The best advice my father ever gave me

Advice comes from every corner of our lives, but there’s something about guidance from our fathers that can resonate for a lifetime. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked five University of Phoenix faculty members to tell us about the most meaningful advice their dads ever gave them. Here’s what they shared:...

5 ways to tell if your child's school is safe

Recent school shootings have many parents feeling anxious and wondering what they can do to protect their kids.

“Parents need to remember that school shootings are rare, random and unpredictable,” says Tommy Burns, a private security and policing consultant, ...

5 apps for kids that entertain and educate

If you’re weary of hearing your kids playing “Angry Birds,” there are a lot of other options that are educational and just as engaging, says Charlene Kaplan, an instructor in the early childhood education program at University of Phoenix and a former preschool director.

7 tips for a budget-friendly spring break

When you’re buried under work, there’s nothing more alluring than the dream of taking a vacation. For many, spring break is a natural time to get away — it’s the midway point between the holidays and summer, and therefore a good time to recharge your batteries. Although airfares are slowly rising and hotel fees seem to multiply by the minute, there are ways to keep vacation ...

5 reasons to seek premarital counseling

“Many couples tend not to realize the challenges that blending lives will bring,” says Juergen Korbanka, PhD, area chair for the College of Social Sciences for the University of Phoenix Utah Campus. Premarital counseling can help you prepare for these changes and start your married life happily. Here are five reasons to sign up:...

5 ways busy parents can keep romance alive

If you feel ho-hum about even the thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. With all the responsibilities parents face — juggling work schedules, caring for kids and trying to pay the bills on time — it’s not surprising that romance often is the first thing to go in a busy household.

Having their own savings accounts increases the odds your kids will go to college, study says

Want to instill college aspirations in your kids? Opening savings accounts in their names — even if they don’t have much money in them — will help.

That’s a key finding of a research paper on the so-called “assets effect,” according to a 2012 article in Washington Monthly magazine. Children with ...

5 things to know before choosing a charter school

Wondering how to get special attention for your child’s talents? You might consider charter schools, which are tuition-free, taxpayer-funded, independent public schools.

They can be less traditional, and often have a specific focus, such as on ...

5 ways to balance pregnancy and your career

When Yahoo Inc. hired CEO Marissa Mayer in July 2012, the media buzz didn’t focus on her business acumen. Instead, the story was that Mayer accepted the job while pregnant and planned to take only three weeks’ maternity leave while working throughout it.

5 reasons to go back to school

Eating healthier. Working out more. Quitting smoking. Drinking less. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator. These are all admirable lifestyle changes.

But setting self-improvement goals that transform your mind can be just as ...