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5 ways to connect with fellow students

Just because you aren’t in a college classroom every day doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to connect with other University of Phoenix students while getting your online degree.

“Developing relationships with fellow students is an important part of any ...

5 ways to work well in a team

“Today’s jobs require teamwork,” says Doug Dribben, JD, a retired U.S. Army major and judge advocate general who teaches general studies courses at the University of Phoenix Maryland Campus. But it can sometimes be a challenge to work well in a group, he acknowledges.

5 advantages of an MBA

Learning how to create a detailed business plan is just one advantage of earning an MBA, according to Barbara Schifano, who holds a doctorate in education and teaches in the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Main Campus. Business school students, she says, also acquire a variety of skills that they can apply in a wealth of industries and a range of occupations....

How the new online classroom can help you

University of Phoenix is upgrading its online classroom for the first time in more than a decade.

The “New Classroom” incorporates elements of social media and reflects the contemporary online experience students are used to elsewhere on the web, ...

7 career skills learning teams help you develop

What’s a surefire way to help college students gain the abilities they’ll need to succeed in the workplace? At University of Phoenix, it’s a team approach to coursework. Learning teams have been required in every undergraduate and graduate class since shortly after the University was founded in 1976....

Secrets to highly effective teamwork

Want to know the secret to creating an effective business team — one that is all about teamwork?

The most effective teams tap into what makes each member unique and what motivates them, according to Cathy Rodgers, a corporate consultant on ...

7 essential skills every MBA grad should possess

So you’ve gotten your MBA and are ready to try your luck in the job market. Now you’ve just got to convince an employer that you’ve got the “right stuff” to succeed.

Alisa V. Fleming, associate dean at the University of Phoenix School of ...

5 basic skills you learned in college (that can help you get a job)

For every college student or graduate who is worried that you have nothing to offer an employer: You are so wrong.

You acquired plenty of skills in school that would interest an employer, says Randy Miller, vice president of career counseling at Phoenix Career ...

5 team-building activities that actually work

While most companies have their employees engage in team-building exercises, finding one that makes a real impact can be tough. Here, our human resources experts share activities that can improve teamwork for the long term: