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5 videos offer tips on how to pay for college

When it comes to covering the cost of college tuition, you might wonder how much financial aid is available, who qualifies and whether it’s even worth applying for, says Chris Conway, MA, University of Phoenix® financial education initiatives director .

Need to manage stress at work? Try these 4 tips

If you’re among the more than one-third of U.S. employees who drag themselves to a stressful work environment every day, take heart.

There are ways to help you deal with your chronic situation, according to Vicki Greenberg, a board-certified family nurse practitioner and nursing ...

Want to be a better studier? Check out these tips

Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your concentration? Or that reading your coursework aloud can make a difference in how well you grasp the material?

Employing these and other surprising tips, along with some creativity, can ...

Why set goals?

If you want to accomplish as much as possible — both personally and professionally — you must commit to a solid plan, says Annie Fongheiser, MS, a licensed psychotherapist and area chair of the psychology program for the College of Social Sciences at the University of Phoenix® Charlotte Campus.

How to protect your online personal brand

Corporate brands like Coca-Cola® beverages and Apple® devices convey an instantly recognizable message. But good branding also applies to individual job seekers, says Donna Meldrum, MA, a licensed professional counselor and career coach with Phoenix Career Services™.

8 tips to help you be a better writer

Writing well is one of the most useful and important skills a student can acquire, says Vita Alligood, JD, an online instructor in the communication program for University of Phoenix. Yet, she notes, developing this ability isn’t always the highest priority for many scholars.

5 things to know about certificate programs

People who are successful in one career and those who change careers often have one thing in common: a willingness to learn new skills to stay relevant in the workplace. In today’s volatile job market, for-credit and noncredit certificate programs are becoming more popular as a way for both types of workers to sharpen their expertise and learn new concepts....

5 ways to be prepared for life’s obstacles

When you’re juggling work, school and your personal life, planning for unexpected situations likely isn’t among your top priorities. But it pays to be ready for anything, says Kathryn Garcia, a licensed clinical social worker who teaches psychology courses at the University of Phoenix Sacramento Valley Campus....

How to maximize the value of an MBA

If you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition, earning an MBA and adding it to your academic credentials can help push you into a higher income bracket: The median weekly income for people with a master’s degree is $234 higher than for those with a four-year degree, and the unemployment rate is a full percentage point lower, federal statistics show....

Make small talk work for you

Some people become tongue-tied even at the idea of having to make polite conversation at social events or business functions. But small talk is no big deal. By definition, it’s just informal or uncontroversial chatter.

“Keep in mind that you don’t have to divulge your entire life to a person ...

7 simple ways to build your confidence

Are you shy or easily embarrassed? Does an upcoming job interview or networking event strike fear in your heart? A lack of self-esteem, fear of the unknown or just plain nervousness can hold you back in work and life, but boosting your self-confidence is easier than you think. Here, two experts in positive psychology share their tips for losing insecurities and gaining ...

5 ways to connect with fellow students

Just because you aren’t in a college classroom every day doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to connect with other University of Phoenix students while getting your online degree.

“Developing relationships with fellow students is an important part of any ...

7 tips for paying off student loans

You’ve finished college with two things: a new degree and at least one student loan to pay off. But don’t worry, says Casey Gorman, project manager for the University of Phoenix repayment management team, there are simple ways to pay off those loans responsibly — and in some cases, quickly.

How to ask for a letter of recommendation

If you’re seeking a job or scholarship or hoping to move on in college to earn an advanced degree, chances are you’ll need letters of recommendation from some of your instructors to accompany your application.

But before you request a letter, there are some key things to bear in mind, ...

5 benefits of joining student organizations

Getting good grades may be among your top educational goals, but there’s more to college than just earning A’s.

“There is overwhelming support and research that validates the importance and value of activities outside the classroom,” says Hal Morgan, MBA, ...

How to improve your odds of winning scholarships

Scholarships are free money, but not easy money. Applying takes time, research and patience.

With more than $3.4 billion in scholarships awarded each year, students should take the opportunity to apply for as many as they think they are ...

Post-holiday money-management tips

You’ve eaten all the holiday treats, taken down the seasonal decorations, and now it’s time to confront those post-holiday bills and bank statements.

But debt doesn’t have to be part of every holiday season, according to Keith Bong, a chartered financial analyst and an online instructor in the ...

4 ways to get motivated

Like many people, you’ve probably got a long list of things you’d like to accomplish. But how can you actually achieve at least some of your goals?

“There are lots of different practical tools people can use to help them get motivated,” says Erika Chomina Carter, MA, who teaches an online course about ...

Our staff’s top 2014 New Year’s resolutions

For many of us, January 1st isn’t just the signal to toss out last year’s calendar — it’s also when we pledge to do better or be better in some way. Among the most popular resolutions we make are to trim unwanted pounds, quit smoking and eat more healthily.

How to be stress-free when you have houseguests

Your mother plans to stay with you for the holidays. Or your old college roommate is coming for a weeklong visit. Or your cousin has invited herself to spend the weekend at your tiny apartment. You want to enjoy the company of your friends and family, but you want to maintain your sanity, too. What to do?...

Creative gift giving for the holidays

Although the holidays often mean enjoying the company of friends and family, the pressure to spend a lot of money on store-bought gifts can turn this time of year into the anxiety season.

“Without taking the time to be thoughtful about gift giving, many people run ...

4 tips to help you resolve tech issues

It’s 10 pm Monday. You’re closing in on the end of a long day and have just finished a course assignment you need to post to the eCampus student website. But the document won’t save, your computer is frozen or the Internet’s sluggish or down.

How to stay focused during the holidays

It’s holiday season — time for parties, shopping and family get-togethers. But for many students, the season also brings the challenge of meshing all the festivities with their work and study schedules, according to Kathryn Garcia, a licensed clinical social worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree, and is an instructor in the general studies program at the University ...

How to improve financial literacy in kids

You might not think a second-grade classroom would be the best place to teach money management. But that’s exactly where University of Phoenix doctoral student David Lockett is pioneering financial literacy for children.

Lockett’s home state of Tennessee launched a statewide initiative in 2010 to ...

7 unusual scholarships to help you pay for college

When it comes to financing your college education, look beyond the usual sources of funding by checking out the wide range of unusual scholarships available online.

“We’re seeing a lot more scholarships today that can be awarded to ...