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Want to be a better studier? Check out these tips

Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your concentration? Or that reading your coursework aloud can make a difference in how well you grasp the material?

Employing these and other surprising tips, along with some creativity, can ...

8 tips to help you be a better writer

Writing well is one of the most useful and important skills a student can acquire, says Vita Alligood, JD, an online instructor in the communication program for University of Phoenix. Yet, she notes, developing this ability isn’t always the highest priority for many scholars.

Poll: Students reveal the best music to study to

If you crank up the tunes when doing your homework, you aren’t alone. A recent informal poll on the University of Phoenix Facebook® page shows that aficionados of listening to music while studying outweigh those seeking silence by a 10-to-1 ratio.

4 ways to get motivated

Like many people, you’ve probably got a long list of things you’d like to accomplish. But how can you actually achieve at least some of your goals?

“There are lots of different practical tools people can use to help them get motivated,” says Erika Chomina Carter, MA, who teaches an online course about ...

How to overcome writer’s block

Your paper’s due in a few days, but instead of writing, you’re staring at a blank computer screen.

Don’t panic. “Everybody experiences creative blocks from time to time,” says Dorothea Bonneau, MA, a novelist who teaches a creative writing course at the ...

Should you listen to music while studying?

You’re cramming for an exam or finishing a paper that’s due tomorrow while listening to music.

It may be more pleasant to study with the Beatles or Cozy Danger keeping you company, and plenty has been written about how listening to music stimulates ...

5 ways to stay motivated in college

Now that you’ve gone back to school, how do you stay focused when you’ve got a sink full of dirty dishes, your child needs new soccer cleats and you have a paper due in eight hours?

To help you stay motivated until­­ graduation, Sandra Moody, an instructor ...

How the new online classroom can help you

University of Phoenix is upgrading its online classroom for the first time in more than a decade.

The “New Classroom” incorporates elements of social media and reflects the contemporary online experience students are used to elsewhere on the web, ...

5 study tips to make the most of your time

Your busy life means study time is limited, so why not make the most of it? Here, two University of Phoenix instructors share strategies to help you balance schoolwork with the rest of your life:

Effective time management begins with knowing how much time you have, says ...

Math labs help students nail challenging topics

If the idea of graphing an equation makes your head spin, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The University of Phoenix Center for Mathematics Excellence (CME) offers live math labs — online group academic support for students struggling with specific concepts.

Top time-management tips for students

“It’s sometimes difficult for students [to return to school] — especially if friends and family don’t understand or support their decision,” says Gloria Pugliese, MBA, a former high school teacher and area chair for the University of Phoenix College of Humanities and Sciences at the Philadelphia Campus.

Advice for students going back to school

If you’re a new student who’s wondering how you’re going to balance daily and weekly requirements for your degree program with everything else you have to do, you’re not alone.

“The biggest issue most new students have is making the adjustment to the ...

Do you know when to study?

People perform their best at certain types of tasks — from exercise to problem-solving — at particular times of day, otherwise known as peak performance. Is the same true for study habits? Experts think so, though they note it isn’t quite that simple.

How to avoid plagiarism

Aside from receiving an F on an assignment, there’s nothing more shameful than getting a paper back from an instructor bearing the word “plagiarism” underlined in red ink.

Plagiarism, the unattributed use of someone else’s words or ideas — ...

Student webinars can help you master the basics

Need to write a college essay, but still haven’t figured out how to compose a decent thesis sentence? Have no fear. The Academic Tutoring department at University of Phoenix offers complimentary weekly webinars that provide group tutoring in a range of subjects to promote student success.

Don't let grammar mistakes derail your career

We’ve all done it — misplaced an apostrophe, confused “their” with “there” or “they’re,” mismatched subject and pronoun, or left a participle dangling. Is it really such a big deal?

It can be, says Stephanie Cook, an instructor in the communication program ...

Is texting in class hurting your education?

Although you may think that sending a harmless “WAYD?” (What are you doing?) text to your buddy during a college lecture won’t distract you from the material, a 2012 study shows otherwise.

“It’s very simple,” says Bonnie Ellis, PhD, a public speaking coach and ...

Secrets to highly effective teamwork

Want to know the secret to creating an effective business team — one that is all about teamwork?

The most effective teams tap into what makes each member unique and what motivates them, according to Cathy Rodgers, a corporate consultant on ...

Online adaptive learning helps students take charge of their own education, at their own pace

The trusty computer is quickly becoming a real partner in the educational process, thanks to a growing array of online adaptive learning services that are helping transform students from passive learners to fully engaged participants.

How to choose a time-management strategy that’s right for your personality

If you expressed your feelings about time management aloud, would you be bleeped? Take heart — it could be that the time-management techniques you’re using simply don’t match your personality.

Brian Garavaglia, PhD, a therapist, neuroscientist and instructor in the ...

5 ways exercise boosts your brainpower

Working out provides more than just physical benefits. Just ask Dean Hebert, an applied sports psychology coach and former nurse who teaches psychology and human resource courses at the University of Phoenix Main Campus.

“I work with athletes of all disciplines — mixed martial arts fighters, ...

5 time-savers for savvy students

Do class assignments and study sessions have you wondering how you’ll ever be able to get everything done and not be stressed out?

Never fear — there’s plenty of expert help available, even if it’s 3 am on a Saturday....

5 things you should know about energy drinks

How do you stay on top of your homework after a full day of work?

Like many people, you might reach for an energy drink that promises to get you “amped,” “juiced” or “buzzed” through a combination of caffeine, B vitamins and sugar. However, according to a recent article in The New York ...

How to create a winning college support team

When Michelle Hoaglund began studying for her bachelor’s degree in the psychology program at University of Phoenix, she was determined to succeed.

A working mother of two, Hoaglund quickly figured out that she couldn’t do it alone and that whomever she worked with would be key to her educational ...

5 reasons to become a morning person

Does the idea of waking up at 5 am make you cringe? While young people — especially students — tend to rule the night, recent studies indicate that morning people do better in the business world.

Even if you’re not a natural morning person, it’s possible to shift your ...