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Survey: Military to civilian transitions are tough

While U.S. servicemembers acquire valuable skills and go through diverse experiences, it’s often difficult for them to apply what they’ve learned to civilian careers, according to a 2013 University of Phoenix survey conducted by Harris Interactive in September and October 2013.

Student honored by MLB and People magazine

Shortly after Kevin Burciaga returned home in 2008 from a tour in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps, he received a call that would change his life — and that of a complete stranger.

The call also would eventually lead the former military police officer to be ...

3 inspiring female veterans

Serious illness and divorce. Juggling work, parenting and studying while serving their country. None of these challenges deterred these three female veterans from pursuing their degrees at University of Phoenix. In honor of Veterans Day, they share how they overcame personal and professional obstacles and made furthering their educations a priority....

Navy master chief turns rejection into opportunity

In 2005, then-U.S. Navy Master Chief Evelyn “Vonn” Banks was interviewing for a high-level enlisted position in the service when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“I was told, ‘Your operational performance is head and shoulders above your ...

New hub offers career tools for military students

Transitioning from a military occupation to a civilian career is tough.

“What a lot of civilians don’t realize is when you’re in the military, much of your day is mapped out for you,” explains Igor Khayet, director of the Phoenix Career Services™ team. “But in the civilian world, you’re in charge — ...

5 information technology careers for veterans

Switching from military to civilian life isn’t easy. But veterans who choose information technology (IT) careers have an edge. “IT has a combination of problem-solving, creativity and intensity that fits into the military mindset,” says Blair Smith, PhD, dean of the College of Information Systems and Technology at University of Phoenix, and a U.S. Navy veteran....

How University of Phoenix helps military students

Whether in wartime or peacetime, the heavy demands and regimented structure of serving in the U.S. Armed Forces mean military students have different needs than traditional students, according to Mike Bibbee, vice president of internal operations for the University of Phoenix Military Division.

5 reasons military counseling is in demand

With nearly one in three U.S. servicemembers and veterans of overseas deployments suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, there’s a growing need for civilian mental health professionals trained to handle these cases, as well as other military-related psychological problems.

The best LinkedIn tips for veterans

If you’re a veteran who served many years in the military, you may be unsure how to get into today’s civilian job market — including through the LinkedIn® professional networking website.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, says Garland Williams, PhD, a retired U.S. ...

New federal program helps troops with transition

Active-duty servicemembers who plan to enter the civilian workforce or go to school will soon be required to participate in a new initiative to help them adjust to life after service before they’re discharged.

The Transition Goals Plans Success — or Transition GPS — is the overhaul of ...

University of Phoenix helps veterans transition into civilian life

Ever wonder what happens when veterans trade their military fatigues for a business suit?

“Once upon a time, we’d just send our veterans out into the world with a pat on the back and wish them well. But in today’s tough job market, we can’t do ...

How active-duty servicemembers can keep their studies on track

It’s a common scenario: Active-duty servicemembers enroll in school, but during their studies, they receive orders to report for military exercises in another state or are deployed overseas. What can they do to stay on track with their education? Here are three tips from the University of Phoenix Military Division staff:...

7 tips for active-duty entrepreneurs

You have this brilliant business idea, but there’s a catch: How do you make your entrepreneurial dream a reality while you’re actively serving in the military? Matt Butler, an alumnus of the University of Phoenix Master of Information Systems program, says it’s easier than you might think. The U.S. Air Force major offers these tips for success:...

5 ways military spouses can build a support network

With time apart from your loved one, worry and being stationed around the world, life as a military spouse can be tough. Here, three experienced military spouses offer tips on how to weather the storm:

“When I first became an Army wife almost 30 years ago, we just called them ...

5 worthy ways to support military personnel

No dollar amount can reunite a servicemember with his or her family fast enough. However, charitable donations of items other than money can make a huge difference to military personnel when they're deployed overseas, hospitalized with injuries or adjusting to life back home.

5 careers for military veterans

“The only constant in a military career is that someday it will end,” says Garland Williams, PhD, associate regional vice president of the University of Phoenix Military Division. Williams himself spent more than 28 years as a U.S. Army officer before retiring and joining the private sector.

Attention! Military concepts can enrich business strategy

If U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 has taught us anything recently with its successful missions in Pakistan and Somalia, it's that the military gets the job done. For some corporate bosses, getting employees to snap to attention and maintain this kind of laser-like focus on the job would be a welcome strategy....

5 ways to transition to a civilian career

Your next assignment: Selling yourself out of uniform. And while the skills you learned in the military should translate well in civilian life, it’s your responsibility to help explain what you have to offer, according to retired Col. Garland H. Williams, PhD, the associate regional vice president of the University of Phoenix Military Division....

5 ways families can prepare for servicemembers' return home

With today's long deployments overseas, the transition from wartime soldier to stateside civilian can be difficult — even traumatic — for servicemembers and their families. Long separations, the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, fundamental differences between military and civilian life, and a host of other factors contribute to these challenging transitions. But ...

Military trends: Distance learning gaining appeal

University of Phoenix military leaders say that more and more military students are finding the time — and the Internet connection — to pursue online degrees via distance learning.

“What I am starting to hear from the military is that they [commanders] are ...