Strategizing technology

An information systems degree sets you apart and helps prepare you for the future.

You’re well-versed in technology, business-minded and are interested in how systems work, so an information systems degree may be the right choice for you. You’ll have the opportunity to take one course at a time at an accredited university, learning the material thoroughly and at a flexible pace in our campus and online information system degree programs.

Our distinguished information systems degree programs have the following benefits:

  • Programs are taught by faculty members who have an average of 23.7 years of professional experience in their field.
  • You’ll learn from industry professionals who oversee the curricula in each program ensuring applicable topics are taught and real-world examples are applied.
  • Instructors have an average of 11 years experience teaching at University of Phoenix.
  • Customize your on-campus and online information systems degrees.
  • Qualifying undergraduates can take their first three weeks of class risk-free, so they can feel confident in their decision.

If you can envision yourself making important long-term business decisions regarding technology or designing computer-based information systems, a campus or online information systems degree allowing you to study one subject at a time may be right for you.



We offer programs of varying levels:




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology:

This on-campus and online program can help you cultivate a wide range of technical and organizational skills while giving you an understanding of core business concepts. You’ll focus on the design of technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business and research data and communications support needs. You’ll learn:

  • Computer hardware and software components and principles
  • Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Telecommunications
  • User tactics
  • Application testing
  • Human interface design





Master of Information Systems:

Those who graduate with a Master in Information Systems often go on to become computer and information systems managers or computer programmers. They have a strong level of knowledge in computers and electronics; understand customer needs; understand management principles such as strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, production and leadership; and can apply principles, techniques, procedures and equipment to a range of goods and services. The curricula in this information systems degree online and campus program covers a wide array of advanced information technology concepts including:

  • Project management, strategic planning and marketing
  • How to manage business systems, think critically about function and design, and system development
  • Effective leadership skills regarding changing organizational culture and ethics and team development




Master of Information Systems with a Graduate Information Systems Management Certificate:

You can earn this information systems degree online or on campus. After graduating from this program, you may want to become a computer and information systems manager or programmer. The curriculum combines advanced courses in programming and database management with a survey of key business topics. You’ll learn:

  • How to influence the way companies think about information systems based on the business side
  • How to repair or expand existing programs to increase operating efficiency and adapt to new requirements
  • Ways to write, update, maintain, analyze and review computer and software programs that track inventory, store and retrieve data
  • Apply knowledge to computer capabilities and symbolic logic



Why Phoenix?

The College of Information Systems and Technology is a driving force behind our successful information systems degree programs. Instructors incorporate their relevant experience into the classroom and incorporate real-world examples into their lesson plans. You’ll become part of our family of nearly 1 million University of Phoenix alumni upon graduation.

One course at a time
Take just one 5- or 6-week course at a time when earning your degree.
Transfer credits
Those returning to college or that have relevant work experience can save time and money by transferring eligible credits and applying them toward your degree.
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