Financial Services blog

Financial Services blog

Add financial literacy to your educational journey

While you’re pursuing your education, you’ll also want to brush up on your financial literacy. Payment options, federal financial aid, budgeting and loan repayment are among the many topics Kim Murphy writes about here as the University’s Financial Services community manager.

A longtime employee and alumna of the University, Murphy offers a helpful viewpoint to current and prospective students. Check this site often for her latest insights.

How long does it take for funds to post to my student account?

Once the federal student aid (FSA) award process is complete, your FSA disbursements will be ...

Pell Grant for 2016–2017

July 1st marks the beginning of a new award year for Federal Student Aid, and along with it, some ...

A new award year just started — where is my financial aid?

For federal financial aid, the Federal Student Aid award year begins on July 1st....

What about managing my own funds?

Many students ask about the difference between the University managing their federal student aid ...

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