In previous articles, we’ve shared several scholarship resources, including the personal inventory and scholarship search sites. We want to tell you about one more: iGrad.

University of Phoenix has partnered with iGrad to provide students with access to finance-related information. This includes scholarship resources. After logging in with your student credentials, you’ll be directed to iGrad’s homepage. Click the Scholarships tab to access these valuable tools.

Phoenix’s Guide to Scholarships Course

We’ve worked with iGrad to develop a 15-minute scholarship module. This can be completed at any time convenient to you. In fact, you can take it as many times as you want.

Through this mini course, you’ll learn about the scholarship process, including:

  • Why scholarships?
  • Which scholarships are for you?
  • How do you find them and apply?
  • Scholarship tips

The course begins with a short quiz to test your scholarship knowledge. Then, each subsequent step contains key points, videos and articles to teach you how to prepare, discover and apply for scholarships. We encourage you to read and view them all. At the end of the course, you’ll take a final quiz to assess what you’ve learned.  

To take this course, click on Take the Course on the Scholarship tab in iGrad.

iGrad’s Scholarship Search

When you first access the Scholarships tab, you’ll see iGrad’s scholarship search tool.  This is one more resource to assist you in finding scholarships.

The search feature allows you to filter through the list of scholarships in iGrad’s database by:

  • Education (e.g., field of study, GPA, etc.)
  • Eligibility (e.g., U.S. citizenship, state of residence, gender, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Type (e.g., need based, application requirements, etc.)
  • Amount

You can select any combination of options to personalize your search based on your background. If you want to see all scholarships, don’t select any filters.

As you review possible scholarships, remember to check the criteria to make sure you’re eligible. Also, look at the deadline and application requirements to ensure you have enough time to submit a quality application.

If you have questions, contact Financial Services or the scholarship department at

Center for Scholarship Excellence

University of Phoenix


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