Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Athena Elrod

Alumna - Tacoma, Washington

Athena works for Pierce County Human Services as the supervisor of its Developmental Disabilities Department Family Resources Coordinators. Athena is passionate about University of Phoenix because it offers a rigorous curriculum with flexible class schedules and personalized attention. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management from University of Phoenix. As a result, she has received several opportunities to advance her career, and she is considering her return to the classroom to earn a graduate degree. In the meantime, she is paying it forward to her coworker and friend.

Brian Sarensen

Recipient - Spanaway, Washington

Brian reports to his scholarship provider as a Family Resources Coordinator. In this role, he helps families get connected to services for their children and, in the process, move toward self-sufficiency. He is married and has three children, one of whom has cerebral palsy, seizures, a feeding tube, and Type 1 diabetes. His commitment to his community is evident by his work with local schools, his church, and the advisory board for the Human Services Program at Clover Park. Brian is the sole financial provider for his family, the scholarship will allow him to earn a degree while fueling his enthusiasm to extend his contributions to the field of developmental disabilities.

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