Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Chally Kruse

Alumna - Sutherlin, Oregon

Chally found working with nursing students incredibly challenging. It refreshed her sense of purpose in the nursing profession. To move into a full-time position, it was necessary to complete a master's program within three years. Chally set goals to advance her education so she could become a nursing educator. Since completing her MSN at University of Phoenix, Chally has moved into a full-time nursing faculty position, and had the incredible opportunity to participate on some important nursing projects with the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education and the Oregon Simulation Alliance Governing Task Force. Chally’s ability to pay it forward is twice as nice: her chosen recipient is both her cousin and colleague in nursing.

Sue Locke

Recipient - Portland, Oregon

After earning her associate degree in nursing, Sue Locke has worked as an registered nurse in critical care for 14 years, providing excellent care for those who find themselves in extraordinarily precarious health crises. She would like to move her nursing practice in the direction of nursing education toward improving the nursing shortage. Sue’s goals are to complete her BSN and MSN so she can teach in a nursing program. The Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship would afford her the opportunity to advance her education and qualify her for a faculty position in a school of nursing, allowing Sue to “pay it forward” to other nursing students.

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