Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Derrick Moore

Alumnus - Indianapolis, Indiana

When Derrick decided to pursue a bachelor’s in business management, he chose University of Phoenix because the FlexNet® program allowed him to continue a busy work schedule that included travel and training. University of Phoenix improved his job performance, helped him to build lasting friendships, and taught him to thrive in a team environment. Now a senior staff representative for United Airlines Quality Assurance, Derrick said the confidence he cultivated helps him excel at everything he does. Derrick is not only now pursuing a master’s at University of Phoenix, he is also paying forward a scholarship to his friend.

Mary Wortman

Recipient - Indianapolis, Indiana

Mary is a mother, a grandmother, and deeply involved in her community. She participates in various walks that benefit health-related causes and even helps her elderly neighbors. When United Airlines eliminated jobs recently, the strong business background Mary gained through her work experience there led the company to offer her a position within the Corporate Safety, Security and Quality Assurance Department. Mary shed the mindset that she is "too old" to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and is thrilled to be following her dream.

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