Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Charlene Dunfee

Alumna - Blue Spring, Missouri

Charlene said that entering the doctor of management program at University of Phoenix changed her life. Her values became stronger, her assumptions widened, and her experiences and knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. When Charlene finished the program, she knew she wanted to give back to the people who made such a difference in her life, both professionally and personally. She has now taught management for four years at University of Phoenix, Kansas City and Online, and is more energized than ever. She is happy to “pay it forward” to Aryn, the sister of her son-in-law.

Aryn Lee McCoy

Recipient - Topeka, Kansas

Aryn graduated from Washburn University in 2001 with a bachelor’s in social work. For the last six years, she has been working as a Para Educator in Special Education at Topeka High School. She gets special satisfaction from working with special needs students. With a background in social work, Aryn has the framework to help her understand what these students may be going through at school and at home. Recently, she was approached by the school’s administrators to obtain a substitute teaching certificate when a position became open to teach biology to all special education students. Now almost a full semester into the program, Aryn knows this is where her heart is.

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