Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Sophia Shafiq

Alumna - San Francisco, California

Sophia graduated from University of Phoenix in April 2004 with a bachelor’s in accounting. She had enrolled at University of Phoenix in late 2000 after coming to terms with the death of her father and realizing she was ultimately responsible for herself, her two younger siblings and her husband and daughter. Sophia had such a positive experience at University of Phoenix that she recently enrolled in the master’s program. Since then, she has moved on to a senior accountant position at the Bar Association of San Francisco. She is paying it forward to her sister, Shareen.

Shareen Ali

Recipient - San Bruno, California

Shareen is thrilled to attend University of Phoenix and is dedicated to learning and achieving a degree. Shareen has come a long way from losing a parent at such a young age. School has always been a key component in her life, and this scholarship is helping her keep it that way.

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