Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Tammie Reed

Alumna - Atlanta, Georgia

Tammie initially chose University of Phoenix because it offered convenience, but soon her experience led to tremendous change in her life. Her inspiration stemmed from humble beginnings where education was a key component in her journey. Having studied business management at Kent State University, she finished her degree at University of Phoenix and moved from Cleveland to Atlanta in 2005. A year into an internship, she had the opportunity to start her own TV show, "Talking with Tami," which explores business venture topics and airs in Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham and Manhattan. Now, she is promoting positive change in a friend’s life by paying forward the opportunities afforded by higher education.

Heather Claybrooks

Recipient - Shaker Heights, Ohio

Heather, a hair stylist and licensed cosmetologist, is a mother of two who was widowed when her husband died in a car accident seven years ago. Heather attended Kent State University from 1986-89, but had to drop out when financial burdens became too tough to bear. She has a generous heart and loves to give back. Every year, Heather provides styling services to women in shelters free of charge to make them feel beautiful. She would love to finish the education that she started.

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