Paying it Forward - 2006 Profiles

Dr. Valerie Opher

Alumna - Corapolis, Pennsylvania

Valerie earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. The program improved her skills and empowered her to be more reflective and focused. In 2005, her dissertation was one of the top ten most requested and purchased in a database of more than two million dissertations. After publishing Scared To Faith in February 2006, Valerie joined the faculty at the University of Phoenix, and facilitates graduate and undergraduate health care courses.

Dana Ellcock

Recipient - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dana is a father of four and a middle school teaching assistant. His intellect, quick wit and common sense have made him a hero with his students and their families. A degree in education will bolster the good work Dana is already doing. He is a coach for the Mass Appeal Squires, a basketball program that helps players with their academics and provides individual tutoring, homework help, MCAS prep, SAT prep, and guidance with creative and composition writing. Dana’s daughter is especially thrilled that her dad got this scholarship opportunity, because it means she and Dana will be attending college at the same time.

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