Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Cynthia A. Cortinovis

Alumna - St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania

Cynthia has worked for Osram Sylvania for nearly 30 years. Looking to advance her career, Cynthia enrolled at University of Phoenix to pursue an MBA. Upon completion, she was promoted to her company’s human resources supervisor. Her positive experience with the University has inspired her to share that with others. Osram Sylvania offers tuition reimbursement and as the HR supervisor, Cynthia always recommends University of Phoenix. Due to her vocal support of the University, Cynthia has inspired her colleagues to pursue their dreams of higher education through University of Phoenix.

Tina M. Weis

Recipient - St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania

Tina was a young woman in her prime – attending college, working full-time at Osram Sylvania – when her life was turned upside down. Tina’s sister was killed in a tragic car accident. The loss was devastating to Tina. She stopped attending college, and in another unfortunate event, her full-time position at Osram Sylvania was eliminated. Since then, Tina began working part-time at Osram Sylvania, and began saving money in order to go back to school, an undertaking that would have taken years to complete. Now, thanks to the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program, Tina’s dreams of obtaining a degree will become a reality.

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