Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Danna Olinick

Alumnus - Provo, Utah

Danna wanted to work as a therapist. She tapped into friends of hers who worked in the field and inquired about their education. Danna’s friends completed the counseling accreditation program at University of Phoenix and highly recommended the program. After researching the program, Danna saw the difference in education that her friends received and didn’t hesitate to enroll. After receiving a Master of Science in Counseling/Mental Health Counseling, she is now a therapist working in a therapeutic residential school for adolescent girls in Utah. She believes her education fully prepared her for her job responsibilities in all areas. She feels comfortable in group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions, and feels equipped to work as a team member as part of a treatment team. Danna wants to pay forward her educational experience because she wants others to have the same education opportunities that she did.

Kelli Kaighn

Recipient - Provo, Utah

Kelli does not shy away from challenges. As a single mother who strives to create a safe and healthy environment for her family, her life is never without challenges. She faces adversity with reassurance because she knows her hard work will pay off eventually. Kelli is determined to improve her life and the lives of her children. She has an associate’s degree and now wants to further her education. She plans to receive a bachelor’s degree in human services and continue her education to obtain a master’s degree. Kelli is divorced and has become very familiar with the Children’s Justice Center. She wants to use her past and the degrees she will receive from University of Phoenix to help women and children who will go through similar situations as her own. She looks forward to taking on this new challenge in her life.

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