Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Deborah Crayton

Alumna - San Diego, California

Deborah was just a few credits shy of her associate’s degree when she married and started a family. She began a successful career as a civil service employee for the U.S. Navy, but after she and her husband divorced, she needed to support two children on her own. As a single mother and full-time employee of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Deborah enrolled at University of Phoenix and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in business management. Her decision to go back to school greatly influenced her children. At her graduation from University of Phoenix, Deborah’s daughter vowed that she too would graduate from college. Both her daughter and son are currently enrolled as full-time students at out-of-state universities. Deborah was thrilled to award her sister LaVonna with the Paying it Forward℠ Scholarship, and knows that a degree will bring her great success in her career.

LaVonna Johnson

Recipient - San Diego, California

LaVonna dreamed of earning a college degree for more than a decade — but every time she took a step toward pursuing a higher education, life seemed to get in the way. She was divorced, and then lost her job as a mortgage underwriter in 2006. LaVonna took a job as a flight attendant to make ends meet — she was helping two of her children through college at the time. She knew the only way she could return to her career was to earn a degree in finance, so she enrolled in University of Phoenix’s online program. When LaVonna learned that she had been selected as a recipient of the Paying it Forward℠ Scholarship Program by her sister, she was in disbelief. The scholarship will alleviate much of her financial stress, and help her save money for her youngest daughter’s college education.

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