Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Dena Nelson-Hendren

Alumna - Nampa, Idaho

After attending a traditional college, Dena knew she wanted to extend her education beyond an associate's degree. Though she enjoyed traditional schooling, she loved the immediate gratification and sense of accomplishment she received from classes at University of Phoenix. As a single parent, Dena knows the importance that family and friends can have in one's life - both personally and professionally. Receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business Management has given Dena the tools to fulfill her career goals. However, she is not done yet - she is currently working towards the completion of her MBA. Her nominee, Donna Latimer, has been there every step of the way. Dena is now giving her life-long friend the chance to fulfill her own dreams and will be there for Donna with love, support, and encouragement.

Donna Latimer

Recipient - Cottonwood, Idaho

With the nearest college campus an hour drive away, three children at home to care for and a husband whose job takes him on the road throughout the week, Donna was in no position to even think about going to school to earn the degree she has always wanted. She also was working as a part-time employee for a local pre-school and early childhood development program to help supplement the family’s income, so time was at a premium for her. With the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program, Donna can now enroll in University of Phoenix’ online classes in a field in which she’s always held great interest—criminal justice. She hopes to someday help rehabilitate young offenders in the juvenile detention center which is being built in her community.

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