Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Grant Smith

Alumnus - Indianapolis, Indiana

As a husband and father, Grant could not afford to take time off from work for a traditional college campus setting. When he discovered University of Phoenix’ online programs and its status as a fully accredited institution, he did not hesitate to enroll. He now holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology, and recently enrolled in the master’s program. Grant also wants to achieve his ultimate goal of obtaining his doctorate, which will enable him to teach at the collegiate level. Currently, Grant’s degree has given him more confidence in his current administrative role at Hewlett-Packard and increased his marketability to potential clients and his employer. He saw his wife, Jessica, wanting those same goals, but sacrificing them to be a stay-at-home mother for their daughter.

Jessica Ransdell-Smith

Recipient - Indianapolis, Indiana

Jessica attended a bricks-and-mortar college for one semester, but because of financial and family obligations decided to stop pursuing her degree. With a child in elementary school she found it difficult to work full-time outside of the home, and tries to supplement her family’s income by babysitting other children. However, Jessica always dreamed about going back to school, and when the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program became available Grant applied. They both were surprised when told the good news. Jessica enrolled in her first class and hopes to receive her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She and Grant are both students together at University of Phoenix and provide the moral support for each other to pursue their educational goals.

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