Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Commander Gregory T. Adams

Alumnus - Spokane Valley, Washington

Gregory is an educational administrator in post-secondary education and is also an Army Reserve Battalion Commander. After receiving his graduate degree, Gregory was able to apply the philosophies of learning and leadership shared at University of Phoenix in his job and also in the military environment. As a young husband and father, Gregory actively sought a university where he could pursue a graduate degree while balancing his attention on his family and job. After visiting one University of Phoenix class, he knew that the practical approach and scope of managerial experience offered were just what he had been seeking. Knowing the value of the knowledge and leadership skills gained at University of Phoenix, Gregory is proud to pay forward the opportunity to his fellow veteran.

Staff Sergeant Daina Sites

Recipient - Meridian, Idaho

Staff Sergeant Daina Sites is a husband, father of four young children, a lab technician and a non-commissioned officer in the Army Reserve. He has had little time for pursuing a degree since being deployed to Iraq in 2003 and again in 2006. Daina knew that finding quality employment upon his return would be vital to support his growing family, but it would require a higher education degree. Through this scholarship, Daina will pursue a degree that will afford him stimulating employment opportunities as well as the possibility to become a commissioned officer.

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