Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

James Morris

Alumnus - Yukon, Oklahoma

Because of position relocations, Jim started his bachelor’s degree program in business management with University of Phoenix in Houston, then moved to Kansas City, and then to Oklahoma City where he was finally able to complete his degree. He also is happy to finally have a job that “stays put” with the City of Oklahoma City. Having the consistency and quality of the University’s programs was a key factor in Jim’s academic success and his subsequent move up the management ladder. His friend, Kevin Blanchard, has not been as fortunate. Jim recognized that his co-worker needed more of an education than the “school of hard knocks” and is excited to provide him the opportunity through the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program. Jim also will be by his side during this new venture—carpooling together—as Kevin begins his classes at the Oklahoma City Campus, because Jim made the decision to return and complete his MBA.

Kevin Blanchard

Recipient - Newcastle, Oklahoma

You could say Kevin Blanchard is a seasoned traveler. He has traveled a lot for his jobs throughout the years. Because of moves and other financial and personal reasons, he could never settle into one place to obtain the degree he started. He finished coursework at a vocational school and went straight into the workforce. Kevin realized that today’s business world does not readily promote non-degreed employees above the lower levels of management. When he was nominated and then selected for the University of Phoenix Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program, his feet did not hit the ground for an entire week. Kevin compares receiving the scholarship award to winning the lottery. Kevin feels he won the biggest lottery of all—finally becoming a college student and eventually a graduate of University of Phoenix.

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