Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Jamie Marie Riaza

Alumna - Murrieta, California

Jamie achieved her personal goal of earning her bachelor’s degree while balancing her responsibilities as a wife, mother and active-duty Marine. Jamie knew that hard work and perseverance in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business management would pay off. She holds her education dear to her heart, not only because it is a reminder of success in the face of hardship, but also because she is proudly setting an example for her son. Jamie is honored to pay forward the joy of earning a degree with her aunt.

Norma Lee

Recipient - Issaquah, Washington

Norma Lee is known for her nurturing character and always putting herself last. Norma set her education aside to take care of her niece, then six months old, and began earning wages for the family. She never had the chance to earn her degree and now takes care of her elderly mother while raising her own family. Norma is proud to receive the Paying It ForwardSM Scholarship so that she can fulfill her lifetime dream of attending college. Now she will be able to compete for a promotion with her current employer as well. Most importantly, Norma will be rewarded with the sense of accomplishment that comes with earning a university degree.

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