Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Jeffrey J. Soldano

Alumnus - Woodland Hills, California

Jeffrey was working full-time for Kaiser Permanente when he decided to pursue a master’s degree. He enrolled at University of Phoenix because the school could accommodate his busy schedule. In 2006, Jeffrey graduated with his MBA, and was promoted almost instantly. His salary increased by more than $20,000, and Jeffrey became one of the fastest rising managers at Kaiser Permanente. Jeffrey’s experience at University of Phoenix was so rewarding that he inspired four of his close friends and family members to enroll. Jeffrey is proud to present the Paying it Forward℠ Scholarship Program to a young family friend, Rachel Kilgore.

Rachel Kilgore

Recipient - Norco, California

Rachel was determined to earn a college degree. While working more than 40 hours a week, Rachel enrolled at a community college, but her work schedule made attending classes difficult. She refused to give up on her dream of graduating from college, and continued to take classes. Rachel was thrilled to be awarded with the Paying it Forward℠ Scholarship Program. She can now afford to enroll at University of Phoenix and will pursue a degree in global business. She is passionate about culture and international studies, and hopes to become a cultural advisor or an international relations expert. Rachel knows she will encourage others to pursue an education — she hopes to become a role model for anyone who thinks they can not afford school or work toward a degree if they are employed full-time.

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