Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Leslie Capilla

Alumna - Peoria, Arizona

Arizona resident Leslie Capilla was following the path she always thought she would. Attending a traditional college after high school; graduating with a degree in accounting; working the typical 9-to-5 job as an accountant at a small company with her friend, Nicki Brenner. However, just a few years into her career, Leslie found herself unsatisfied with her choices. She researched options to go back to school, but with two small children at home, she knew it would be tough. Leslie was impressed with the flexibility and convenient times University of Phoenix offered and jumped right in to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business. She did not stop there though; Leslie continued on for a master’s degree in business administration. Now enjoying a job as a project accountant for an engineering firm, Leslie was excited at the thought of helping Nicki reach the same place through the Paying it Forward℠ Scholarship Program.

Nicki Brenner

Recipient - McKinney, Texas

Higher education has always been a goal of Nicki Brenner, but, like many others, family obligations often pushed this dream aside. When Nicki heard her friend and former co-worker Leslie Capilla was able to earn not one, but two degrees while raising and taking care of a family, Nicki knew she did not have any more excuses. She researched options and came across the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program from University of Phoenix. Although she thought it was a long shot, she knew it was the key to a better life for her family. Nicki asked Leslie if she would nominate her and Leslie jumped at the request. Nicki is happy to say that she is now working toward a degree through the University’s online program.

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