Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Linda Lee McElroy

Alumna - Mammoth Lakes, California

Linda returned to school as a working adult to earn a bachelor’s degree in business at University of Phoenix. The experience changed her life — her education continues to improve her career and has allowed her to provide a better life for her family. Linda credits University of Phoenix with her passion for education. She is now enrolled in the MBA program at the University. Linda was thrilled to award one of her employees’ daughters, Courtney Wilson, with the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program. Linda knows the education Courtney receives at University of Phoenix will help her support herself and work towards a successful career.

Courtney Wilson

Recipient - Mammoth Lakes, California

Courtney was a talented high school athlete who maintained a 3.5 grade point average. In her senior year, Courtney’s parents separated — she was forced to get a job in order to help her mother provide for her three siblings. Courtney wanted to attend college after high school, but could not save enough money through her job to enroll as a full-time student. Through the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program, Courtney will earn a bachelor’s degree, and take the first step toward a rewarding career. Courtney wants to be a role model to her three younger siblings. She hopes her decision to enroll at University of Phoenix inspires them to pursue a higher education.

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