Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Lorraine Shorty

Alumna - Shiprock, New Mexico

University of Phoenix graduate Lorraine Shorty seized the opportunity to change someone’s life when she learned about the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program. The 34-year-old Navajo woman realized the value of higher education after witnessing the hardships that her elders endured without a college degree. To advance her career, Lorraine earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2003. Today she leads a successful career, performing audits for the Navajo Nation’s tribal government. The scholarship recipient she nominated is one of her co-worker’s daughters.

Sonja Thompson

Recipient - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Single mom Sonja Thompson is driven to succeed. She earned her associate’s degree in April 2008 and started a Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration degree within the same month at University of Phoenix, Albuquerque Campus. Sonja is grateful to the woman who nominated her for the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program because it has afforded her the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. Once she completes her bachelor’s degree, the 25-year-old Navajo woman plans to return home to Sanders, Arizona where she will take steps to achieve her entrepreneurial goals.

Alumni Nominator and Recipient Profiles

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